Vegetarian Delhi Woman Receives Non-Veg Burger As Free Dish From Swiggy, Demands Public Apology

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Vegetarian Delhi Woman Receives Non-Veg Burger As Free Dish From Swiggy, Demands Public Apology

Who does not love free food? We all do, right? Especially the most unexpected food surprises are the best! But not all surprises or freebies make you happy. A vegetarian woman in Delhi ordered food on Swiggy and was promised a vegetarian burger as a free dish on the order. The woman unknowingly took a bite, only to realise that it was a Keema burger. The woman has posted about the incident on Swiggy and is demanding a public apology. 

Vegetarian Delhi Woman Receives Non-Veg Burger From Swiggy

A vegetarian Delhi woman, @bhavya_nimesh, has posted something upsetting on Twitter. The woman explained that she ordered from a restaurant on Swiggy named Munch Nation on Jail Road in Delhi. 

She ordered noodles and chilli potatoes from the restaurant and got a free ‘Veg aloo burger’. She received the order in two black boxes, and when she took a bite of the burger, she realised that it was a non-vegetarian burger. 

The woman mentioned that she wears a Rudraksh and has taken the oath of Lord Shiva. She said that she has never tasted non-vegetarian food in her life. She is upset about the restaurant being so negelactant and destroying a person’s desecrate.

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Offered A Coupon As An Apology 

When this Delhi woman texted Swiggy about the matter, they offered her a ₹50 coupon. When she did not accept it, they offered her an ₹80 coupon. They offered the coupon as a token of apology, but she refused to accept it. 

In the threads on Twitter, she mentioned the entire story, and in the last tweet, she attached screenshots of her conversation with the brand. 

She demands a public apology and has also tagged FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) to take a look into the matter and provide her with a solution. The woman mentioned that neither Swiggy nor the restaurant have reverted her on the same further. 

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