UK’s Strictest Pub To Shut Down After 31 Years; Now On Sale For £1.5 Million

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
UK’s Strictest Pub To Shut Down After 31 Years; Now On Sale For £1.5 Million

What are your expectations when you visit a pub? Loud music, television, people in fancy dresses, loud singing, and the like—but this pub in the UK has none of this and is still the most popular! But sadly, the strictest pub in the UK is soon going to shut down. After running successfully for 31 years, the pub is now on sale for £1.5 million. 

UK’s Strictest Pub To Shut Down After 31 Years

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The strictest pub in the UK, The Maltings In York, has announced its closure. The pub is known for many rules that include no swearing, no singing, no television, no hen dos, no music, and no stag parties. Basically, nothing that you can expect in a normal pub! 

The atmosphere here is known to be extremely relaxing. It completely gives you the old, quiet pub days. The landlord of this pub, Shaun Collinge, announced the closure with a heavy heart. He mentioned that after 31 years, it’s time for someone else to walk in with more enthusiasm and energy. 

Known as the strictest pub in the UK, it is not easy to get into the pub because it is so famous. 

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Changes In The Post Pandemic World

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The landlord of The Maltings, Shaun Collinge, shared one of the nicest things he has heard in these 31 years of thriving business. Someone told him that they feel good that they can come here and unwind on a Saturday night without having to worry about their safety. 

He says that it is one of the most flattering things someone has said to him about the strictest pub. He mentioned that this is what they have always wished to achieve. 

While talking to the Guardian, he mentioned that things have changed a lot in the post-pandemic world. According to him, people do not have the same manners, patience, and respect. Applying the rules has become harder and harder with each passing day. (As per TimeOut)

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