Versova Relief Camp Is Sheltering More Than 280 Homeless People & Migrants

by Gizel Menezes
Versova Relief Camp Is Sheltering More Than 280 Homeless People & Migrants

When the news of the 21-day lockdown came in, thousands of migrant workers from big cities wanted to return back to their villages. With a loss of livelihood, shelter and the inability to afford even a day’s meal, some started their journey on foot. The poor and homeless, who call the streets their home, were also left confused and vulnerable.

In order to ensure food and a roof over their heads during these difficult times, relief camps have been set up across the country to help the homeless, the migrant workers and their families. The Maharashtra government itself has set up 262 relief camps across the state.

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Maharashtra Civil Defence has set up a relief camp in Versova, just besides Versova Metro Station, Andheri West for about 280+ homeless people and migrant labourers who had no job because of lockdown and were left with no place, money or food. (Instead of making them walk 100s of kilometer to reach their native place) Just so they do not get panic because of the whole shut down, home guard homies have arranged a therapist for these labourers as well. They're provided meals 3 times a day and there's ample toilet/ bating facility as well at the site for them till the lockdown period is not over. This is just one of many camps the state government has been operating. Chief Minister has requested people to donate money to: Chief Minister's Relief Fund COVID-19. The money from those funds will be used to provide meals and sanitation products like soap, etc to these men (Along with purchase of PPEs/Masks/Ventilators). So y'all know what to do!

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Relief Camp At Versova Provides Shelter And Food To 280+ People

At one such relief camp in Versova, Mumbai, hundreds of migrants and homeless have found shelter amid this crisis. Set up by Harmony Foundation and run by the State Home Guards and civil defense volunteers, the camp provides 3 meals a day, clean mattresses, bedsheets, mosquito repellants, mobile toilets and floor fans to its 280+ inhabitants. Regular temperature checks are conducted. And all rules of social distancing are adhered to, while gathering for food, and even while sleeping.

Home guards and Civil defense officials ensure their safety round the clock. However, what is most remarkable about this camp is the availability of a therapist on its premises. Making therapy accessible for a majority of whom the COVID-19 crisis has brought a grinding halt in life is indeed extraordinary.

Do Your Bit – Donate To Chief Minister’s Relief Fund

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has appealed to the people to help the government tackle the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Donations can be sent to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The money from these funds will be used to provide meals and sanitation products to people in distress as well as to help those on the frontlines of this coronavirus pandemic.

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