Video Calls, Swiping Right Or Drones: How Are You Dating During Lockdown?

by Kanika Sharma
Video Calls, Swiping Right Or Drones: How Are You Dating During Lockdown?

Love in the time of Coronavirus is definitely a task, at least for those who are single. Before the lockdown, there was a certain thrill about going out on dates and meeting new people. Now, it seems like such a lost cause. Not just for the sake of socialising, but for actually having a conversation with the person sitting in front of you.

While some are sulking, others are getting creative. So if you are single, sitting at home, and wondering as to how to land that next date, here are a few things that you could try. And if this snowballs into something, then it will be one hell of a love story to tell the grand children!

Scenario One: Dating Apps

There have been numerous reports that the number of people who are now engaging on dating apps have increased. This includes the match rate as well. Are people really looking for something platonic at the moment or something extraordinary, I don’t know; but one thing is for sure that a lot of people just want to have a conversation. I matched with this guy on one of the apps, and before he could ask me my name, he said, “Hey you want to have a chat over the phone? This app has a calling feature!”. UNMATCH!

Picture Credit: Space-O-Technology

Even if you do end up meeting someone on these dating apps, the whole idea of not knowing when will you be able to meet them for real, is quite annoying. But look at the bright side, if you are able to survive this, and actually are able to connect over conversations, then it might be worth giving a shot in the real world!

Scenario Two: Video Calls

If you have been in a long distance relationship and your better half is stuck in another part of the world, country, city, or even colony for that matter, the only way you can ignite the fire, is by having a candle-light dinner over video call. You can open a bottle of wine, or your favourite drink, dial your partner, cook something nice and dine away.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

For those who are really feeling the pinch of isolation, they can dial their partners and just keep the phone or the video call screen open on your laptop all throughout. Even while you’re doing your daily chores. That’s one way of being a part of each other’s day.

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Scenario Three: Get Creative Like The Drone Guy From NY

Recently a guy from Brooklyn, saw a cute girl on the terrace. He then decided to send her his number on a drone and voila! Just like that he got himself a date! They then decided to have a FaceTime date, where the girl’s friend set up a table for her on the roof top and the guy sat in his balcony. Eventually, they met out on the street, where she wore gloves and he was in a bubble, to maintain that ‘social distancing’. For now, let’s hope that he isn’t in a hurry to burst that bubble, because that might cost someone their life!

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Scenario Four: Single And Not Ready To Mingle

I have had my share of dating apps, and I think it’s now safe to assume that I would happily like to be a part of scenario four. As it is we are losing a count of days and weekends. How does it matter when is date night, when you don’t even know when the weekend is? I spend my time catching up with friends, and yes, going through a lot of content content on social media.

And whenever, I want to share that one glass of wine over the weekend… all I do is, just take a look in the mirror: hey there, good lookin’!