Working From Home? These 6 Things Will Make Your Work Life Comfortable

by Sanjana Shenoy
Working From Home? These 6 Things Will Make Your Work Life Comfortable

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“Work-From-Home” those three-letter words that made any employee giddy has now become a part of everyday life. It is much like dating a celebrity, after a while the charm poofs away and what remains is the excruciating work. Now that we are talking of work, who can deny the long and uncomfortable feeling that we are all facing since apparently everyone now is at home thanks to Covid19? But desperate times call for innovation and hence, it is time to do buy some items that will and the plush comfort to your WFH.

1. Larq Self-cleaning Water Bottle

Why a self-cleaning bottle you ask? Well, hygiene has never been more important than before. Who knew the germaphobes would get a chance to gloat? Speaking of germs, it is important to remain hydrated and keep the bottles clean but that takes time. But now thanks to Larq Self-cleaning water bottles, you can rest assured that the water you are drinking is safe and pure every time and the icing on the cake is the bottle cleans itself! This water purification system uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.99% contaminants to give you fresh and pure water every time.

 Cost: ₹8853 

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2. White Board

Do you also get those brilliant ideas that unless you jot down immediately just disappears? Well not anymore! Install a whiteboard at your workstation that you can chart out your to-do list, write those brilliant ideas or simply doodle (we know you love that). So why wait further? Visit your favourite e-shopping site and buy one today.

Cost: ₹699

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3. Pomodoro Timer

For those people who find it difficult to chart their work schedule, here is one effective medium and its subsequent product. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. This technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals. Now you can buy these clocks to help you boost your work schedule and stay ahead of your to-do list.

 Cost: ₹800

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4. Back And Neck Pillow 

 Ah! Writing this surely gave us a sore back but how can we complain? It is said that p[osture is key in maintaining good physical health and while we are at the comfort of our own home, it might be that we relax and become lazy towards our health. The result? Stiff neck and a sore back. But now it can be all in the past. Simply buy a memory foam pillow and neck support that provides the much-needed support which taking the shape of your neck and back to give you the comfort you deserve.

Cost: ₹1049

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5. Ergonomic Table Stand

Sitting in one position can make you stiff and that is never helpful when the work needs to be done. Another way to boost your efficiency and also ensure the blood continues flowing throughout your body is an ergonomic table. This smart invention allows people to stand, sit while continuing their work to maximize efficiency and also provide proper lumbar support. You can use this table to read, write or simply finish your work on your laptop. Here are 7 Positive Things Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak That Prove That The Earth Is Healing

Cost: ₹1450

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6. Music Devices

Distractions are a bane for productivity and especially while engaged in creative work. That is why one of our personal favourites are noise-cancelling headphones, wireless portable Bluetooth speakers or even Caravan. It is perfect for anyone who will be spending hours at home. Tune in to your favourite music and tune out the distractions in an effective way. We recommend ambient music or eastern or western classical as they help improve concentration. If you love music then here are 5 Music Festivals In Rajasthan That Will Change Your Perspective About The Desert Land

Cost: ₹2000 onwards

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These are some things that will surely make your work from home much more comfortable. You can focus your energies on working efficiently and refraining from any sort of distraction from the comfort of your home.