5 Music Festivals In Rajasthan That Will Change Your Perspective About The Desert Land

by Vidisha Khaitan
5 Music Festivals In Rajasthan That Will Change Your Perspective About The Desert Land

Rajasthan is the land of culture, arts and language. Naturally music of every genre, style and country prospers here, and our richness with them. 10s of music festivals are organised in the majestic state all year round. We have handpicked 5 amazing music festivals in Rajasthan you can attend after the pandemic. All five are distinct and unique. The experiences of these festivals are something one must have before leaving this life.

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1. Udaipur World Music Festival

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Picture Credit: official website

Over a 150 artists, 17 countries, one platform, talk about globalisation! Phew. This is one of the most sought-after music festivals in Rajasthan and the country. Last year it was rated India’s best and the fourth edition will only be better. Every genre for every mood will be accessible to attendees. The fest sees over 50,000 people and numbers are growing. Morning meditative music followed by romantic afternoons by the lake before ending the day with ragers sounds like our kind of jam. These are 5 Places In Rajasthan That Are Seeing A Surge In Tourist Footfalls Due To Lockdown Relaxation.

Udaipur is among India’s most beautiful destinations. The city comes alive in the winter with tourists all around, wedding fever and mystical fog making everyone feel the magic. Udaipur’s hospitality industry is famous as the world’s best. What better opportunity to see the hype for yourself with artists like Grammy Award winners by your side.

When is it: February 2019

Where is it: Udaipur

2. Jodhpur RIFF

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Rajasthan International Folk Festival will make you realise how little advantage we take of being in India. We had no idea how many genres of folk music we had never heard until RIFF showed us our place, in their hearts. The love with which performs take stage is palpable in the entire fort. Did we mention how beautiful the location is!

One of the best music festivals in Rajasthan is a non profit project endorsed by UNESCO as a people’s platform and that’s exactly what it is. It passes the mic over to dying arts and the only ones suffering the loss will be us. There are a thousand reasons to support this festival by participating like their robust promotion of sustainability. But we only need one: the music itself! While swaying along the beat, be prepared to be swept away by the moon on Sharad Purnima. The Umaid Bhawan Palace In Jodhpur Is Meant For The Royal Within You!

When is it: 10 – 14 October

Where is it: Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

3. Magnetic Fields

music festivals in rajasthan
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If you want a weekend of music, mad and everything bad, this is the one you pick. A 17th century palace filled with art and intoxication is exactly what the doctor ordered. The world’s most famous and most underground performers share a stage. All boundaries melt into fluid sections and communities merge into one society under the influence of so much love.

Among the best music festivals in Rajasthan, it is famous for secret parties in what used to be dungeons without dragons. We live in tents under the stars and walk through fog so thick, you can’t see your own arms. Of course, you can choose the palace’s royal accommodation too! This Shiva Temple In Tamil Nadu Has Pillars That Make Music!

When is it: 14 – 16 December

Where is it: Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

4. The Sacred Pushkar

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Picture Credit: official Facebook page

Pushkar is renowned as traveller’s paradise. From Holi to Diwali, every festival is colourful and exorbitant. These music festivals needs no excuse. As the name suggests it is aimed at spiritual awakening and spirit’s revival. They organise therapy, music and several workshops for participants to align their chakras. The immersive experience is organised with artists, musicians and therapists. Ayurveda, local food and guided tours majorly add to the experience.

Attendees turn devotees during the extra-terrestrial festival. The view of the lake definitely helps in losing oneself to the pleasures of self-awareness. Last year’s line-up was impressive and the fifth edition of this annual fest is yet to surprise people eagerly waiting to make their plans. This Hostel In Pushkar Has Been Named The Best In India.

When is it: yet to be disclosed

Where is it: Pushkar, Rajasthan

5. World Sacred Spirit Festival

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Picture Credit: official website

Multiple genres of art come together at one of the best music festivals in Rajasthan. From Sufi to poetry, they’ve got it all. It’s everything you need to leave your troubles in the past and feel grateful just to be alive. People leave from the opulent fort, having denounced materialism. The music transports you into a space of transcendence. Some people even consider it to be a pilgrimage.

The comforts of the royal fort do not leave any stone unturned allowing you to focus solely on creative pursuits. The music leaves you with no desire for anything else. People from all over the country, specially tourists, drop everything to experience the real India right here in all its glory.

When: February 2019 (dates not yet out)

Where is it: Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Next time you feel the FOMO over Tomorrowland, look up this article once again to make your own other-worldy vacation at the best music festivals near you. Before we dive into the world, let’s exhaust the opportunities in our own neighbourhood. We promise you’ll regret it if you don’t!