Video: Man Throws Chemical Powder On Truck Full Of Cabbages; 4 Tips To Remove Them Before Eating

Here are a few simple steps to follow to remove chemicals and pesticides from cabbages.

by Shreya Ghosh
Video: Man Throws Chemical Powder On Truck Full Of Cabbages; 4 Tips To Remove Them Before Eating

We grew up learning the health advantages of consuming vegetables, fruits, fish, and nutritious products. Sadly, these healthy food items can shockingly be a major risk for several diseases. While vegetables, fruits, and fish are loaded with health benefits, the addition of pesticides and chemicals makes it harmful for consumption. A recent video of a man adding chemicals to many cabbages has raised Netizens’ eyebrows. Many are stunned to see a glimpse of the harsh reality of food adulteration.

Viral Video Shows A Man Adding Loads Of Chemicals To Cabbages

Taking to Instagram, Anjum Yasmin (@anjums.kitchen1) reacted to the lesser-seen side of vegetable adulteration.


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Most people prefer buying the shiniest vegetables and fruits every day. They feel like these are fresh and healthy for their shiny appearance. Sadly, this is not the reality. Many farmers use chemical powders and different products to add a polished look to food items and also keep them fresh for longer. All these small elements lure customers and make them believe these products to be nutritious and of good quality.

The reel embedded above represents the scary side of vegetable adulteration and how harmful chemicals are added mercilessly before selling the veggies to shops. The viral video shows a large truck loaded with hundreds and thousands of cabbages lined up neatly. A man can be seen throwing chemical powder in a good quantity to all the vegetables. The green leafy vegetables turn white as the medicines layer on the leaves.

Anjum Yasmin shared how consuming cabbages like these can lead to many diseases. Eating such adulterated food items is a major concern among young people between 30 to 40 years of age suffering from heart attacks these days. Intake of these powders can lead to skin concerns, problems with hair fall, and even as terrifying as cancer.

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Simple Hacks To Remove Chemicals Before Eating:

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Ensure to follow these steps before eating adulterated cabbages.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Anjum Yasmin (@anjums.kitchen1)

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