Video Of Indians Bounding A Tiger During Safari And Shouting At Him Reveals Truth About Tourism

An IFS officer shared a video of visitors disturbing wildlife during tiger safaris.

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Of Indians Bounding A Tiger During Safari And Shouting At Him Reveals Truth About Tourism

Travelling to new destinations and enjoying new experiences are always fascinating ideas. We love being amidst nature and enjoying our holidays far away from the concrete and bustling life. In between all these attempts to be close to nature, many travel enthusiasts love going on safaris. This is also a great way to witness the magnificence of wildlife and see wild animals roaming in lush forests. But is it safe for the animals living in those jungles?

IFS Officer Shared Video Of Crowd Shouting Seeing Tiger During Safari

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Parveen Kaswan, IFS (@ParveenKaswan) posted footage of visitors shouting after seeing a tiger during the safari. He received the video via WhatsApp and posted it on the micro-blogging site to share a glimpse of the truth of tourism in forests among wildlife.

The video clearly shows a couple of vehicles carrying loads of tourists exploring a forest. Though the location has not been mentioned, it looks like a place densely covered with trees and plants. All the people in the vehicles started shouting after spotting the tiger walking on a path in the jungle. The wild animal gets blocked from the left side with all the vehicles lined up to see it. The worst part is that visitors can be seen using flash to capture photos and videos that can be sensitive for the tiger.

The footage might have gone viral for all the wrong reasons but it surely grabbed everyone’s attention to find a solution to these wrong practices. If not a precise set of rules and solutions, it has surely shown a slice of the truth of the tourism world in front of lakhs of social media users. It is raising concerns among many regarding how the lives of wildlife might get disturbed by so many people rushing into forests— the wild animals’ houses.

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Netizens Find This Video To Be An Example Of Horrible Tourism

Shared just a day back, the video of the crowded tiger safari is going viral on the X (formerly Twitter) platform. With almost 400K views, it has garnered hundreds of comments and reactions from Internet users. Netizens are pointing out how the concerned forest department and people in charge of supervision are not working properly. Some commented on how these people need to be suspended. Tweeple also mentioned boycotting vehicles of tiger safaris for life.

This horrible incident has surely sparked a lot of conversation and reactions among Netizens. The video is a scary example of many wildlife safaris in different parts of India. It is not hard to believe that incidents like these take place in many tourist places each day. It surely scares the wild animals living inside the forests. Not only do such major numbers of people during safaris create an impact on the animals but also trigger their usual lifestyle.

Here are some of the comments tweeted by Internet users.

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What are your opinions on this viral video of crowded tiger safaris? Do you enjoy going on such adventurous rides and exploring wildlife while visiting national parks and wildlife sanctuaries?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Parveen Kaswan, IFS (@ParveenKaswan)

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