From Safari To Avian Wonders, Bandipur’s Wildlife Adventures Unfold At This Lodge In Karnataka

Embark on thrilling safaris, guided by seasoned naturalists, amidst the Nilgiri foothills.

by Mallika Khurana
From Safari To Avian Wonders, Bandipur’s Wildlife Adventures Unfold At This Lodge In Karnataka

In the heart of India’s untamed embrace lies a sanctuary where nature’s symphony orchestrates a captivating tale. Bandipur, once the coveted realm of kings, now unveils its secrets to those who dare to tread its wild paths. Here, where the Nilgiri foothills cradle ancient mysteries, elephants roam majestically, and the jungle whispers tales of elusive tigers and spirited peafowl. Welcome to a realm where every creature you encounter spins a new chapter in the grand narrative of nature’s unyielding allure.

Bandipur Safari Lodge Invites You

Photo Credits: Jungle Lodges/Website

The Bandipur Tiger Reserve serves as a stronghold protecting the critically endangered Asiatic wild elephant, a preserve that captures the essence of the wonders of nature. This lodge offers a communion with this ecological symphony, not just a place to stay. It is an experience that changes perceptions and goes beyond the ordinary. Get ready to set out on a journey where every step will teach you to appreciate the magnificence of nature.

Imagine the sheer power of the elephants, these wild creatures’ protectors or the old whispers of the forest telling stories of long ago. Experience a gaur’s unwavering stare, which challenges you to return the favour. And should the stars align, perhaps you will even glimpse a tiger or leopard—their slyness is evidence of their power.

For lovers of birds, Bandipur is a paradise. The hours pass in a delightful pursuit of spotting these aerial beauties among the more than two hundred bird species that include the magnificent hornbill, the resplendent peafowl, and a mosaic of colourful winged wonders.

Where Elephants Roam Free And Nature’s Majesty Reigns

national park
Photo Credits: Jungle Lodges/Website

The lodge itself calls forth your inner naturalist with its botanical canvas embellished with decorative and therapeutic plants. Be at ease, as the naturalists who are constantly on hand are prepared to satisfy your interest and reveal the mysteries that lie within this area.

Here, the changing of the seasons creates unique images. While winters bring migratory birds from the northern lands to Bandipur, their ethereal presence adorns the city’s skies during the summers, when wildlife sightings emerge from their hiding places.

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Encounter Tigers, Elephants, And Awe-Inspiring Birds


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Your itinerary at Bandipur Safari Lodge is a dance with the wild. Enjoy mouthwatering meals at Gol Ghar and exhilarating safaris led by knowledgeable naturalists. Here, every moment will draw you further into this orchestra of nature. As the fire burns brightly, end your days with the sound of cicadas serenading you while you tell stories about your adventures in the jungle beneath the stars.

Prepare yourself for another captivating safari as the wake-up call signals the arrival of dawn. Head back to the lodge for a hot shower and a filling breakfast. And then, relish the last moments before saying goodbye and looking forward to our next adventure with these wild hills’ secrets.

Bandipur is waiting for you to share in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Where: Angala Post, Gundlupet Taluk, Chamarajanagar District, Melukamanahalli (Mysore – Ooty Road) Around Mysore – 571126 Karnataka, India
When: 1 pm
Cost: starting at ₹7,021

Cover Image Courtesy: Jungle Lodges/Website

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