Video Of Swiggy Delivery Boy Braving Rain And Traffic Goes Viral

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Of Swiggy Delivery Boy Braving Rain And Traffic Goes Viral

Monsoons are romantic for some people, some love to laze around in a cosy corner of the room with chai and pakora, while some need to be on their toes all the time to deliver our food orders to our door right at the time. Whatever the situation might be, we never see delivery boys taking rest and spending time inside their homes because of heavy rain. Monsoons are different for them and they need to be ready with delivery bags braving the weather and the conditions to deliver the order to the customers. Recently, a heartwrenching video of a Swiggy delivery boy went viral on social media. It is the most appropriate representation of how they brave it all to deliver our food orders on time.

A Video Of Swiggy Delivery Boy Braving Rain And Traffic Goes Viral

Dinesh Komma posted the viral video on his Instagram account (frinds.dinesh) that shows a Swiggy delivery agent waiting at the traffic point to deliver the order. Waiting at a traffic signal might seem very ordinary to everyone but what this delivery boy did is very unlikely to everyone. He stood there with his bike and the orders in the bag while drenching in heavy rain without a raincoat or anything to protect himself. Dinesh Komma uploaded this touching video with the caption, ‘Hard employee life is not easy for every one’.

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Netizens Are Showering Their Love For Him

The video has gained a lot of love and affection for the Swiggy delivery boy. Everyone is appreciating and is praising him for his commitment and dedication to his job. Netizens are very inspired by how he is so focused on his responsibilities.  This video presently has over 15.8 million views, more than 1.9 million likes, and over 16k comments on Instagram.

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Swiggy released a statement after this video went viral. They mentioned that all the delivery executives are provided with reflective rainproof jackets and waterproof bags. They also added that these agents are also covered under medical insurance. The statement also shared that the delivery agent of this viral video is from Vijayawada.