Video Shows Boys Selling ₹15 Rail Neer Bottle For ₹20 On A Train; Railway Seva Asks RPF NCR To Look Into It

A group of boys sold water bottles for more than the actual price on an Ahmedabad train.

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Shows Boys Selling ₹15 Rail Neer Bottle For ₹20 On A Train; Railway Seva Asks RPF NCR To Look Into It

India is experiencing one of the worst summer seasons of all time. Most parts of India, from mountains to beaches, are getting hit by heat waves and a surge in temperature. Sadly, people still need to travel to places for several reasons. Be it for work or emergency or even holidays, travellers are covering long distances on trains. Carrying water bottles is a must in such times. And if someone forgets to bring one, they buy from hawkers on trains. Making the best use of this opportunity, some boys were selling Rail Neer for more than the price.

Video Caught Boys Selling Rail Neer For ₹20

आशीष कुमार आर्य || آشیش کمار آریہ 🇮🇳 🚩 (@Ashisharya013) recorded a video of vendors on a train and shared it on the X platform.

Mr Ashish Kumar Arya recorded the incident on the Ahmedabad Special Fare Summer (09418). The 12-second clip shows a young boy walking inside the train. He can be seen wearing a black T-shirt and carrying Rail Neer water bottles inside a tote bag. According to the information shared on this X post, boys were selling Rail Neer water bottles to passengers. They charged ₹20 for a bottle. However, the actual price of these bottles is ₹15 each.

The X user further added how these water sellers took advantage of passengers’ helplessness in this heat and overcharged them. Either people forgot to carry water bottles or they finished their bottles. With no other option during the journey, these travellers had to buy bottles at a higher cost en route.

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Railway Seva Replied To The X Post

Railway Seva asked RPF India to look at the incident of boys overcharging customers.

Mr. Ashish Kumar Arya tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation, the Ministry of Railways, and Rail Madad on this X post. The video of overcharged Rail Neer bottles caught Railway Seva’s attention and the official X account for support to rail users responded to the complaint. RPF India requested him to share his PNR or UTS number and mobile number on DM. A link was also shared to file a complaint directly.

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The next time you step outside, carry a water bottle. Fill it whenever necessary.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ आशीष कुमार आर्य || آشیش کمار آریہ 🇮🇳 🚩 (@Ashisharya013)

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