Vietnam Announces New Open Door Policy; Extends E-Visa Validity To 90 Days

Vietnam e-visa validity
by Tooba Shaikh

In an attempt to boost tourism and economic development in the country, Vietnam has announced a new open-door policy and an extension of their e-visa validity. The aim of this policy is to boost the tourism industry and help attract business and investment in the country. The officials are hopeful that this policy will aid the country’s economy as a whole as more business is established in the country. The new policy will enable the country to match its competition when it comes to tourism.

Vietnam Announces Extension Of Its E-Visa Validity

Vietnam e-visa validity

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The government officials of Vietnam recently announced a new visa policy wherein travelling to and from the country will become significantly more easy especially when it comes to international visitors.

For years, the tourism industry in Vietnam lagged behind that of other countries in the region due to various reasons. One of the reasons was that when compared to countries like Singapore and Thailand, its policies were much more stringent.

This new open-door policy will put the country on an equal footing with the others. As part of its new-open door policy, the electronic visa or the e-visa facility has been extended. Initially, the validity of an e-visa was only 30 days. Now, however, the validity has been increased almost thrice as much as before. Now, the e-visa will be valid for a total of 90 days.

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New Business Hoped To Boost Country’s Economy

Vietnam e-visa validity

Image Credits: Canva Images

This extension in e-visa will bring great relief to the people who would want to stay in the country for a longer period of time be it for tourist, market research, or for any other purposes. This extension significantly cuts down the hassle of acquiring an e-visa time and again.

Currently, the government is also making efforts to encourage the use of electronic platforms. They are also focusing on acquiring beach vacationers. The extension of e-visa is especially beneficial for those who are planning on establishing a commercial presence in the country. The extended period of time will help them conduct thorough research and make informed decisions.

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