Vikrant Massey & Kamiya Jani Explore Mumbai’s Mindspace Khaugalli | Curly Tales

by Shreya Rathod
Vikrant Massey & Kamiya Jani Explore Mumbai’s Mindspace Khaugalli | Curly Tales

After giving a brilliant performance in Haseen Dillruba, Vikrant Massey is back with another thriller ‘Gaslight’. But, his journey wasn’t an easy one. From waiting tables to becoming an actor, he has come a long way. In this episode of Sunday Brunch X The Bombay Journey, we will talk about his journey and explore mouth-watering food at Mindspace Khau Galli. 

Vikrant Massey Moving To Madh Island!

Vikrant Massey originally lived in Versova but had recently moved to Madh Island. And while speaking about his experience, Vikrant revealed that the place is peaceful and you actually feel the sunrise and sunset. He further said that the decision was taken during the lockdown and thought of buying a house on Madh Island. 

And according to him, it turned out to be the best decision as he lived a relaxed life. Travelling back to Versova from Madh Island took less than ten minutes and the place is closer to work.

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Speaking of work, before becoming Vikrant Massey used to wait tables at a coffee shop and received his first paycheck of ₹800 for the month. He further describes his duties of working at the cafe which included waiting tables, checking the stock, cleanliness the place and keeping the cabinets stocked. He further reveals that due to being underage, he wasn’t allowed to work at the front. It was a time when he needed money and the owner of that cafe was kind enough to offer him the job!

Relishing Delicious Dosa In Malad 

vikrant massey
Credits: Curly Tales India

While driving through the lanes of Malad, Vikrant Massey gave a glimpse of his foodie nature! He said that his daily meal comprises dal, chawal, sabzi and roti — basically, the staple Indian dishes. But he loves relishing a hot steaming dosa. 

And to treat him to a delicious dosa, we took him to Mindspace Khau Galli. What can be better than a rava masala dosa with lots of butter and sambar? Being a food lover, Vikrant Massey was amazed by the variety of dosa that was served. 

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This was Vikrant Massey getting candid with us. If you want to watch the full episode, tune in to the video linked above!

Cover Image Courtesy: Curly Tales India