Vikrant Massey Revealed The Shooting Locations Of Haseen Dilruba 2 | Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana
Vikrant Massey Revealed The Shooting Locations Of Haseen Dilruba 2 | Curly Tales

A charmer ever since his debut in Dhoom Machao Dhoom, Vikrant Massey is an extremely talented actor who has been paving his way to success. With such amazing shows and movies as Haseen Dilruba and Mirzapur under his belt, he is an entertainer we love to watch on our screen. To share his love for Sara Ali Khan, dosas, and travel, he joined our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani on this episode of Sunday Brunch. Watch the full video and know all about it!

Vikrant Massey Talked About Haseen Dilruba 2

On this episode, we got to know quite a bit about Vikrant Massey’s life before he became an actor. He told us about his first job, working at a cafe that paid him just ₹800 a month. Even this small amount meant a great deal to him back in the day. Further in the conversation, we asked him the last time he drove a manual car. He shared that he drove a manual car only 2 weeks ago when he was driving through the Agra-Mathura Highway.

Telling us more about his travel, he revealed that he was in Mathura for the shooting of Phir Aayi Haseen Dilruba, the sequel to Haseen Dilruba. Satiating our hunger for more details about this amazing movie, he shared that they shot for it in and around Agra and Mathura.

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He Shared The Anecdote About Driving For The First Time

Vikrant Massey Sunday Brunch
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Once Vikrant Massey shifted into the driver’s seat, he told us about the first time he drove a car. He was only 14 or 15 years old when he first snuck out and drove his father’s car. Obviously, he hadn’t had any formal lessons by then, but he used to observe every time his father drove.

Finally, one New Year’s Eve, his father asked him to get something from the car, and he got his chance. He took a short round and came back home. That was pretty gutsy for a 15-year-old! In this exciting episode, he shared a lot more about his love for travelling, his future plans, and his favourite movies of all time.

Watch the full episode to know everything about it!

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