Vikrant Massey Shares How He Loves Sara Ali Khan For What She Is

by Mallika Khurana
Vikrant Massey Shares How He Loves Sara Ali Khan For What She Is

Vikrant Massey is an actor who has established his value with some iconic performances. There was a time when a popular actor playing the hero was all that was necessary for any film to become a hit. Today’s audience understands how to value excellent acting and quality content. Vikrant has not looked back since receiving a lot of praise for his incredible performance in Mirzapur. And, he has been on the path to success ever since. On one of Sunday Brunch X The Bombay Journey episodes with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, he came to discuss more of his upcoming projects.

Vikrant Massey Talked About Sara Ali Khan

After seeing Vikrant Massey’s outstanding performance in his most recent film, Gaslight, we had to talk about it. In the film, he collaborated with Sara Ali Khan, and he only has the nicest things to tell about her. He elaborated on his interactions with her, saying that she is an incredible actress and a tireless worker. He really enjoyed working with her on set. 

Vikrant shared that Sara is not only an academically smart person but also possesses a lot of street smarts. The kind of maturity she has for her young age is something he really appreciated. She has a sorted personality, and he really loves her for who she is. Additionally, he disclosed that not many people are aware of Sara Ali Khan’s completely different side. She is not only intelligent but also a foodie and Vikrant Massey adores dining with her.

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This Is What He Normally Eats For Lunch

Vikrant Sunday Brunch
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After getting to know all about Sara and her food habits, we were interested in knowing what he normally has for lunch. Like Sara’s, his lunches are also largely predetermined. Every day, he prefers to eat dal and rice with a different sabzi. A simple, home-cooked meal is the most comfortable thing, isn’t it?

Then he went into great detail about his plans for future travel, and we could totally relate to them. Watch the episode to find out more about them!

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