Delivery Agent Celebrates Birthday By Distributing Treats With Orders; Netizens Are Delighted

by Shreya Ghosh
Delivery Agent Celebrates Birthday By Distributing Treats With Orders; Netizens Are Delighted

Every child wants to grow up quickly and become an adult. This has surely been the same with you, me, and most of us. But once we get older and start taking responsibility, starting to work, and living an adulting life; it seems difficult to even take a day off to celebrate our birthday. But we all learn how to adapt to the changes and celebrate every small and big occasion within the very limited time we get. A story of a Zomato delivery guy celebrating his birthday is going viral on the Internet and we are so impressed by what he did!

This Zomato Delivery Guy Had The Most Unique Birthday Celebrations!

Karan Apte is the young man we are talking about today. He took to Facebook to share some glorious snippets from his birthday celebrations by distributing chocolates with every order and the post got viral all over the Internet in just some time. Here’s a screenshot of his Facebook update shared by the Facebook page “Indians on Internet 2.0″.

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Karan shared the post captioning “Today’s my birthday, bought new shirt and distributed chocolates with every order I delivered in Zomato.” He also added a mirror selfie wearing his new birthday shirt and a Zomato food delivery packet sealed with a 5-star chocolate bar.

Netizens Are Very Impressed With Karan & His Heartwarming Gesture To Celebrate This Special Day

The Facebook post shared by Karan is getting viral like crazy on different social media platforms. Different pages are taking a screenshot of his post and uploading them. Tons of accounts are sharing this beautiful story among Internet users and thousands of Netizens are sharing the viral post as well. Here’s a post uploaded by the Facebook page RVCJ Media and then shared by Karan on his personal Facebook account. Captioning “Ya boi went viral”, he shared this RVCJ Media post.

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The comment section of each and every post on this story are so positive and uplifting. Facebook users are flooding the comment sections sending him best wishes and tagging Zomato to give him a special birthday gift.

Karan’s sweetest gesture is winning lakhs of people’s hearts!

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/ Indians on Internet 2.0