Zomato Deleted Its ‘Kachra’ Campaign Video After Receiving Huge Backlash! Here’s What Happened

by Shreya Rathod
Zomato Deleted Its ‘Kachra’ Campaign Video After Receiving Huge Backlash! Here’s What Happened

Zomato is one of the most used food delivery aggregators in India. Besides, it is known for creating admirable advertising videos. However, its recent advertisement received a heavy backlash on social media. The campaign’s phrase, “Don’t be kachra,” was intended to promote cleanliness and reduce food waste. Here’s what went wrong with Zomato’s ‘kachra’ campaign.

Zomato’s ‘Kachra’ Campaign Receives Heavy Backlash

After receiving negative feedback on social media, food delivery service Zomato removed its promotional campaign. The campaign debuted on June 5 on World Environment Day and it aimed to increase awareness of the burden that plastic waste has on the environment and to highlight how many kilograms of waste is used to produce even the most basic items.

For example, a paperweight requires 3–4 kg of recycled “kachra,” while hand towels require 9–12 kg. The advertisement featured the actor who played “Kachra” in the 2001 film “Lagaan.” However, social media users criticised it for making analogies between the two characters—”Kachra” (trash or junk) and the excluded one.

The Zomato advertisement demonstrated how the company chooses to deliver food without using any plastic, therefore protecting the environment. The actor was depicted in a variety of contexts, including as a recycled hand towel, a similar flower pot, and paper.

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By including the figure in the advertisement, the company hoped to raise awareness of the problems faced by underprivileged groups in society and to emphasise the value of not wasting food. The advertising failed to connect with the public, and users criticised it on social media as being tone-deaf.

Twitterati Are Not Amused With The New Ad!

One of the users wrote that he was uncomfortable while watching the video.

Another user wrote that the video was a casteist idea to humiliate the marginalised character ‘Kachra’.

According to a user, Zomato’s “kachra” advertisement was not an accident; rather, it was a premeditated and intentional activity that may have been approved by the company’s senior management. The user went on to criticise Zomato, labelling them as having casteist ideas.

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