Viral Video: Pet Dog Sets Up A Stall & Makes Vada Paw; Owner Shares The Cutest Video

Would you like to have some vada paw?

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral Video: Pet Dog Sets Up A Stall & Makes Vada Paw; Owner Shares The Cutest Video

Every time we open social media, we see a new street food stall or vendors doing something unique or bizarre to grab our attention. Well, this time, we came across the cutest vada paw vendor ever and the stall is run by none other than the most adorable dog. Yes, you heard that right! Are you excited to check out the street food stall now?

Paw-Friend Set Up A Unique Stall!

Taking to Instagram, Oscar | Karma – Doggos (@oscarnkarma) shared the reel of this fluffy dog opening a vada paw stall.

Are you confused seeing a dog making vada paw and setting up a literal food stall? Well, do not take this seriously as this is not a literal vada pav stall but a funny video of dressing up the doggo and making lovable videos.

The video hilariously begins with the dog running a food stall to earn money. Named “VADA PAW”, the furry vendor sells four types of vada paw. The options are Cheese Paw, Tandoori Paw, Butter Paw, and Pawsome Paw.

The best part of the video is how the dog actually follows all the steps of preparing this famous street food. From making vada to frying chillies to layering everything, the reel is surely the cutest thing on the Internet.

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Do Foodies Approve Of Vada Paw Made By This Dog?

Dog Vada Paw
Picture credit- Instagram/ Oscar | Karma – Doggos (@oscarnkarma)

Instagrammers love this adorable video of the doggo. It looks so much fun seeing the dog making vada pav and running his stall, right? Netizens are completely in support of this cute little vendor and want to visit the stall as well. An Instagrammer commented, “Delhi k hyped Vada paav se acha ye paw hai 😍🔥.”Someone is all ready to splurge as the comment read, “take all my money.” Another comment read, “The details in this video. The hair band 😂 pins as mics 😂 4 hi milenge 😂.. Duniya bolega sundar doggo hai na isliye bheed hai 😂😂.”

People living in other cities are eagerly waiting to taste special vada paw made by the pet dog. Some comments read, “Aap Gurgaon deliver karte ho Vadapaw bhaiya” and “Bhai mere liye ek plate bacha k rakhna, aa rhe thodi der mein 🙌.” We even have a shark in the comment section commenting “I would like to invest in this🤣 with 0.25 percent of equity.”

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Isn’t it the sweetest video?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Oscar | Karma – Doggos (@oscarnkarma)

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