Viral Video Shows Woman Speeding Through Sacks Of Rice For Quality Inspection & We’re In Awe

by Shreya Rathod
Viral Video Shows Woman Speeding Through Sacks Of Rice For Quality Inspection & We’re In Awe

It’s challenging to predict what will go popular online in this digital age, from binge-worthy entertainment to cringe-worthy videos. Whether it is a viral food experiment or recipes, you will find a number of them. Recently, one video related to the inspection of grain sacks went viral. Sacks of food grains, routinely, go for quality inspection in any warehouse in the world. But this woman has reached the ultimate level of inspection.

This Woman Is A Pro In The Quality Inspection Of Rice Sacks!

In a warehouse, inspection of grain sacks is necessary to make sure there is no spillage. Moreover, it is standard practice and is done in every warehouse across the world. However, a video posted by techniiverse on Instagram shows a woman checking the quality of rice bags. It is so popular online that anyone who uses the internet will be shocked by the volume of views.

The video starts by featuring a woman with a sharp object. She is seen stabbing the rice sacks with the object and checking if the sacks tear up. In fact, her method of inspection is faster than any machine! The video has approximately 25 million views on Instagram since it was released on social media, showing how well-known it has become online.

People React To This Quality-Checking Video

quality inspection of rice
Credits: techniiverse/ Instagram

Some viewers have expressed surprise at the talents, while others have expressed confusion about what is going on, in response to this video. A user wrote that the method is quite scary because of the sharpness of the object. He further asks what will happen if it hits the person carrying rice sacks.

Another user is confused about what the woman is trying to find. He further asks if the rice failed the quality inspection, the entire batch or only the flawed bag would be discarded.

One of the users cleared this confusion by stating that this kind of inspection method is normal for rice sacks. In fact, it ensures that the movement is not disturbed and the work is going on smoothly. According to him, it just looks complicated but isn’t.

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Cover Image Courtesy: techniiverse/ Twitter