Virat Kohli Once Ate A Fried Insect In Malaysia By Mistake & Here’s What Happened Next

by Shreya Ghosh
Virat Kohli Once Ate A Fried Insect In Malaysia By Mistake & Here’s What Happened Next

Who doesn’t know Virat Kohli and his love for food? Be it butter chicken or chole bhature, the Indian cricketer loves to eat. Though his lifestyle has changed over the last few years, he is so passionate about fitness, he has limited his eating habits to maintain his fitness, and also he turned into a vegetarian, Virat often talks about his affection for food in many interviews. Recently, he shared a video on Instagram where the world got to know him a little better. Kohli shared some not-so-good food experiences. Let’s take a look at that!

Virat Kohli Once Ate A Fried Insect In Malaysia!


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Everyone has some or other bizarre food experiences and insects are a major part of many people’s food stories. Something exactly happened with Virat as well. He was in Malaysia and tried a fried insect for the first time there. The cricketer actually was not aware of what it was and he realised that it was an insect only after eating it. Virat also shared that he ate it by mistake and hated it.

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This Is Something That The Cricketer Will Never Eat!

It has been some time since Virat Kohli turned into a vegetarian. In many of his interviews, he shared about his favourite veggies and veg dishes. In fact, in this Sunday Brunch episode, Virat shared with Kamiya that he loves broccoli, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. But do you know what the cricketer absolutely dislikes?

When Virat was asked, “What’s the one thing that you’ll never ever eat?”, he shared that one thing that he will never eat is karela. Many people can surely agree with him on disliking karela.

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What’s Virat Kohli’s Go-To Cheat Meal?

The cricketer also shared about his go-to cheat meal and do you know what is it? If you have taken a guess already, you might be correct as this is something Virat has endless love for. His go-to cheat meal is the classic chole bhature and we have heard him talking about this simple delish dish so many times before.

Do you have any such food stories? Let us know!

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