Visa For Oman For 10 Days!

by Abhinavanand Singh
Visa For Oman For 10 Days!

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You can now get a visa for Oman for 10 days!


What Is It?

Some time ago, in this very year, Oman had put forth a new e-visa (for a duration of 30 days) for those who already owned a valid visa to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and Schengen States. But, even more recently, the Royal Oman Police declared the 10-day visa. Log on here and make the 5 OMR payment on checkoutwhereas other Indian travelers can get a sponsored visa by paying 5 OMR plus processing fee through their tour operators.This new visa allows the applicant to reside in the country Oman over a period of 10 days from the date of entry to Oman.

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What Else?

A sponsor (residing in Oman) is not a necessity for one to avail this new visa. Also, it has to be used within 30 days from its approval. In the case of overstay, a penalty of OMR 10 (roughly equivalent to INR 1800) will be levied per day. A valid hotel booking there and a return ticket are among the other requisites. At the end, even if you have a visa, your entry is at the discretion of the ROP.

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