Visit Saudi’s First Ever Food Festival, Flavour Of AlUla To Experience Dining Excursions Atop The Mountain

by Deeplata Garde
Visit Saudi’s First Ever Food Festival, Flavour Of AlUla To Experience Dining Excursions Atop The Mountain

Winters always bring a handful of events to celebrate. Apart from UAE, Saudi is the leading region to hold winter events this time. The Winter at Tantora is an annual event held in the kingdom. And this year, it has Saudi’s first-ever Food Festival in the open-air city of AlUla. So immerse yourself in an exclusive foodie experience at this one-of-a-kind festival called Flavours of AlUla.

Flavours Of AlUla

The first-ever food festival happening as a part of Tantora is an extravaganza. If you feel we are exaggerating, then read for yourself. Here’s a detailed routine of the festival that will be running up til 14th January in the kingdom’s museum city.

The food festival, called Flavours Of AlUla is not just about devouring good food. It’s so much beyond the basic perception of any food festival. Let’s show you the different aspects of this event that has something for every age.

Rooftop? Nah! Try MountainTop Dining

The rooftop is thing of the past. Let’s climb the mountain tops for a great view and delicious food. To relish the best food of AlUla, visit these mountain-top restaurants to devour some finger-licking food.

Or you can totally skip that and stay back at the festival to taste a diverse range of food from sweet crepes, organic bowls, hot dogs, dumplings, rolls, ice cream and bubble tea made by the elite category of experienced Saudi & International Chefs.

Attend Workshops By Notable Chefs

Flavours of AlUla
Pic Creds: experiencealula

The lineup of chefs includes 5 Saudi chefs and one international pastry chef. The names are Omar Alwatban, Areej Al-Shareef, Samira Sadiq, Ghofran Alromaihy, Arwa Ali & Karim Bourgi respectively.

Watch these fascinating chefs in the area perform their specialities. During exclusive seminars, you may sample their cuisine and learn how they do it.

MultiSensory Food Experience

Our daily routine includes eating as an essential part of the day.

Have you seen Masterchef? The black box challenge is somewhat similar to the mystery box thing from the reality show. For people who are blank with these, a Black box is basically about tasting or smelling food blindfolded.

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Learn New Food Items Through Workshops

Try your hands at Sushi rolling, truffle making, edible cutlery making, aesthetic food presentation and life-saving kitchen hacks through these workshops.

Kids can also discover many things regarding food. Let them learn how to make smiley sandwiches, fruit sushis, mac and cheese, cookie monsters, hero sauces and honey lollipops.

Immerse In Interactive Activites At Flavours Of AlUla

Flavours of AlUla
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There’s a Legacy tree with its branches holding ribbons tied with papers. Write down some recipe that has been passed down in your family through generations and is a huge part of your culture.
Head to the recreational area with your little ones to participate in their level of classes. They can participate in making edible tic tac toe and checkers utilising fruits and vegetables. Also, there’s the art of dried fruit embellishment and much more to engage in.

There’s so much to explore at this mega event about all things food. Visit before it ends!

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