Visit These 10 Budget-Friendly Countries In February 2023 When Budget Is Low But Wanderlust Is High

by Shreya Rathod
Visit These 10 Budget-Friendly Countries In February 2023 When Budget Is Low But Wanderlust Is High

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat — this is the only routine that we know of. But, do you want to break the shackles and run away to a quiet place away from laptops and deadlines? And, visit the alluring mountains or a tropical beach? Well, worry not. We have shortlisted ten budget-friendly countries where you can travel to this Feb 2023.

10 Budget-Friendly Countries To Travel To In Feb 2023

1. Bhutan

bhutan budget-friendly countries
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Bhutan is a place surrounded by enigmatic mountains and dense forests. The country has ancient monasteries and some of them are even UNESCO Heritage sites. And you can’t miss the culture of this country. Locals are welcoming and you get to experience the Bhutanese lifestyle. This is why Bhutan is a popular place for tourists to visit.

2. Vietnam

vietnam budget-friendly countries
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Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The scenic view and abundant natural beauty lure tourists to visit this country at least once in their lifetime. Though the country has developed rapidly, you can still see its old-world charm through the paddy fields and floating markets. And don’t forget to indulge in flavourful Vietnamese cuisine.

3. Laos

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Though most people are not aware, Laos offers the best experience of visiting an Asian country. Blessed with natural caves, forests and picturesque views, this country is a nirvana spot for tourists who want to spend time in the lap of nature. And if you are an adventure junkie, do try zip lining, kayaking and other sports that Laos is famous for.

4. Cambodia

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Want to relax on a beach? Well, Cambodia is your destination. The country attracts thousands of tourists every year due to its moderate tropical weather. You can visit ancient temples like Angkor Wat, Bayon temple and others. It is also famous for its pristine white beaches and you can stay at the luxurious resorts near them.

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5. Egypt

egypt budget-friendly countries
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We all know about Egyptian civilisation, and if you want to witness it, then go to Egypt. The place takes you back in time with its majestic Egyptian architecture. You can witness the grandeur of ancient Pharaohs while visiting the pyramids. And, not to mention the great Nile River, the only source of water in this desert.

6. Turkey

turkey budget-friendly countries
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Once a fortress of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is now a place where you can witness their grandeur. Turkey is an ideal place for history lovers and solo travellers. You can take mud baths or indulge in Turkish cuisine. Turkey is known for its sweet, flaky baklava that you should try and of course, the famous Turkish Coffee.

7. Kazakhstan

kazakh budget-friendly countries
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Kazakhstan is a country with two time zones and five climate zones. This landlocked country offers you a diverse range of canyons, glaciers, arid plains, and deserts. You can visit Almaty, the country’s largest cultural centre, or travel to Semey, the historical city of Kazakhstan.

8. Georgia

georgia budget-friendly countries
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The country has a fascinating history and is named after King George II. The place is home to the deepest cave in the world, Voronya Cave. The place is known for trekking, horse riding, and many other activities. You can visit Vardizia, the cave city, and witness its cultural heritage. And, don’t forget to visit the Sulfur Baths, historic bath houses with sulfur-rich water.

9. Jordan

jordan budget-friendly countries
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Jordan is known for its historical architecture and several UNESCO World Heritage sites like Petra, Quseir Amra, and others. Jordan is an integral part of the Arab world and has many deserts and archaeological monuments to visit. You can visit the Lost City Of Petra to witness the marvellous architecture.

10. Kenya

kenya budget-friendly countries
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This African country is famous for its wildlife safaris. Blessed with diverse flora and fauna, this is one of the most iconic places to visit. Apart from safaris, you can try adventure sports activities here. Or can spend an afternoon laying on the serene beaches of Kenya.

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These are budget-friendly countries that you can visit. So, plan your trip and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle.

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