Vlogger Tries Indian Food For 1st Time; Says Butter Chicken Might Be Best Thing He’s Ever Tasted

by Shreya Ghosh
Vlogger Tries Indian Food For 1st Time; Says Butter Chicken Might Be Best Thing He’s Ever Tasted

Indian food is growing to be a favourite of foodies all around the world. In the last couple of years, we have seen so many foreigners relishing delish Indian delicacies in international places and the popularity is only evolving with every passing day. Recently, a creator shared his reviews of enjoying some famous Indian dishes and Netizens are hooked on watching his reviews.

Foreigner Tried Indian Food For The First Time & He Looked To Be Impressed!

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Microplastics Explorer (@DiabolicalSpuds) shared a video of a ‘white guy trying Indian food for the very first time and having his mind blown’. From the video, it looks like it was originally posted on TikTok by @lukefoods.

This was the first time when the creator tried Indian food and the rich deliciousness of the dishes surely surprised him. As shown in the video, he tried garlic naan, butter chicken, rice, onion bhajiya, sauce, and gulab jamun. He spent $35 at Indian Oven in Bowling Green, Kentucky to buy all these finger-licking delicacies.

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His review began with trying onion bhajiya with the chutney/sauce and he gave it a rating of 8. Next, the foodie diaries were about garlic naan and he loved the garlic parmesan taste of the flatbread. In fact, he shared how this might be the best bread he ever had in his life and rated it 9.5. Next, he enjoyed butter chicken and rated it a massive 9.9. He absolutely loved it and also called it to be one of the best things that he had in his life. The chunks of chicken cooked in butter and all the spices really impressed his taste buds.

He added the funniest review while relishing butter chicken and naan, ‘My taste buds have been violated. That should be a crime’.

What Do Netizens Have To Say?

More than everyone’s love for Indian food, the vlogger’s way of reviewing the delicacies has really impressed one and all. His way of describing the taste of each and every dish is what Netizens are busy talking about.

Shared on October 15, the video shared on the X (formerly Twitter) platform has garnered more than 28 million views already with lakhs of likes and thousands of comments. Let’s take a look at what the Internet users are commenting here.

We completely agree with the user commenting how ‘Indian food is so underrated’.

The creator’s way of reviewing food is really quite interesting and interactive.

Butter chicken and butter naan are a match made in heaven!

Even we are craving the gastronomic duo of butter chicken and garlic naan.

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Many Internet users are even finding a resemblance between the vlogger and the popular character ‘Kevin’ from ‘The Office’. Kevin has a very deep voice and his way of talking is quite similar to that of this creator as well. While he was talking about and reviewing all these yummy Indian foods, Netizens took no time to spot the similarities.

Are you also finding that resemblance?

What do you think of this viral video of the foreign vlogger trying some Indian delicacies for the first time?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Microplastics Explorer (@DiabolicalSpuds)

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