Fired Starbucks Employee Leaks Every Drink’s Recipe Online; Netizen Says, “Hereafter It’s Homebucks”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Fired Starbucks Employee Leaks Every Drink’s Recipe Online; Netizen Says, “Hereafter It’s Homebucks”

Starbucks is that one coffee destination that is known for its amazing variety of coffees and many other beverages. It also sells its own iced coffee and cold brews. Another thing that this place is known for is its hefty prices. But a viral post on the internet has made it easy to try these brews at home. A fired employee has leaked every drink’s recipe online. Here’s how netizens reacted!

Fired Starbucks Employee Leaks Every Drink’s Recipe

Starbucks fired a barista, and that person disclosed recipes from the company’s menu. The thread went viral on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). This employee is not the first of its kind to do this. On TikTok, a number of former employees have disclosed the menu’s recipes. 

Every coffee enthusiast gained knowledge about their preferred beverages through this. Starbucks is a global institution, drawing large crowds of fans of its Java Chip Frappe every now and then.

Because of the thread, it seems like customers can now brew Starbucks coffee at home. The thread has everything from frappes to cold brew. It was uploaded, and since then, it has received many responses and gone viral.

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Netizens Bookmark The Thread

A thread uploaded by @IamKalyanRaksha has gone viral with over 878.6K views on X (formerly Twitter). The thread contains all the secret recipes for Starbucks drinks, from frappes to cold brews. 

The thread has garnered numerous responses, as netizens are happy to know the recipe. While some are talking about trying these recipes at home, some decided to bookmark the post for later use. One user said that he is bookmarking it as if he will try it in a funny comment under the post. 

Another user said that “hereafter, it’s homebucks” as the recipe is out and everyone can try making the drinks on their own. Some also wrote about how they can name these drinks anything they want, like “Ariana Grande or whatever”. 

Amidst all these funny comments, some users have expressed genuine concern for the employees, as they might have to face potential legal repercussions. 

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