This Place In Powai Serves A Three Course Waffle Meal

by Kritika Kukreja
This Place In Powai Serves A Three Course Waffle Meal

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The Waffle Tree in Powai serves a three course waffle meal and even has a waffle salad!

What Is It?

Newly opened and already famous for their exotic collection of waffles, The Waffle Tree showcases flavors that you may have never tried before. Located near Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, this little cafe is inviting you to try out some of their bizarre selections when it comes to serving waffles.

With a limited seating area, the outlet is often crowded during the evenings.

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Waffle Courses!

Course 1 – The Starter

Start off with the fiery waffle pops. Slathered in cheese and Thousand Islands dressing, it makes for the perfect starter. It doesn’t fill you up too much and sets the perfect tone to the evening!


Course 2 – The Waffle Slider

We tried the Classic Veggie slider and it was absolutely delicious. Think a rich pattie, cheese onions and veggies all caught up in a waffle bun! We’re not kidding. It’s absolutely yum.

Course 3 – The Dessert

Oh Man, the dessert! I can write an essay on this one. The Waffle Tree serves the Shahi Tukda Waffle which is bloody phenomenal. Think a hot waffle stuffed with gulab jamun, rabdi and a generous slathering of grated pistachios. We can’t begin to explain how much we enjoyed this. Wattay perfect end to our meal!

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What’s Unique?

The Waffle Tree takes away the crown with its waffle selection. Divided into two categories namely the Dessert Waffles and House Signatures, you can take your pick. You can find the waffles that will calm your sweet tooth like Red Velvet, Blue Berry, Nutella, Banana Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Butterscotch and Black Forest. But the one waffle type is surely eye catching – The Shahi Tukda waffle.


(Image Credit – Instagram)
Shahi Tukda Waffle


Address: Shop 8, Daffodil Building, Central Avenue Road, Old Market, Near Hiranandani Garden, Powai, Mumbai

Phone: 022 33126994

Approx cost: ₹300 for two people

Start your day with a big serving of waffles here and the rest of the day will be fantastic. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you could even go for the royal Shahi Tukda waffle. How about that?


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