Walk Into The Street Life Of Delhi With The Guides Of Salaam Baalak Trust NGO

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Walk Into The Street Life Of Delhi With The Guides Of Salaam Baalak Trust NGO

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Witness the life on streets through the eyes of these street kids and get a chance to meet them in a guided tour of Delhi, an initiative of Salaam Baalak Trust NGO.

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What Is It?

Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk is an English guided tour of the city performed by the street kids who share some grotesque events and hardships that they stumbled upon on the streets of Delhi, where you get to see these stories come to life through their perspective.

The two-hour walk starts from New Delhi Railway Reservation Center, and it continues till the Paharganj locality and finally ending at their office where you also get to interact with the street kids and help bring a smile on their faces as well as yours.

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What’s In It?

Salaam Baalak Trust is a well established non-profit and non-governmental organization which was founded in 1988 and was also visited by the Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William, it runs on giving these street children a betterment of life where they provide shelter homes and basic education.

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These children having dreams of their own, one of them being learning how to speak fluent English have found Salaam Baalak Trust to be a platform to nurture their skills and pursue their ambitions.

The kids are taught how to speak and write fluent English and are trained for these guided tours. A lot of them have now left the organization to accomplish their own aspirations and are doing so by being taken into universities abroad as well.

Pay a visit to this NGO and opt for this city walk by contributing your bit to these children with big dreams.

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To find out more information about them visit their website here.

Address: 2nd Floor, DDA Community Centre Gali Chandiwali, Paharganj, New Delhi – 110055

Phone: 91-11-23586416


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