Want Adrenaline Rush? Stand On A Glass Bridge On Top Of The Dubai Frame

by Deeplata Garde

The jaw-dropping sculpture at Zabeel Park, Dubai Frame has been dubbed “the world’s largest picture frame.” Visitors gathered for the panoramic views of the skyline from a 93-meter-long observation bridge with glass-floored walkways when it opened in 2018. The distinctive photo-frame design frames sights of structures throughout the Dubai skyline, such as the Burj Khalifa, for people all around the city. It accounts for 48 storeys above ground which is the glass surface.

Dubai Frame, a prominent monument has added to Dubai’s rich and opulent legacy. Visitors will see a massive display of the history of the United Arab Emirates. When we arrive in Dubai, we may simply pass across this frame from East to West, South to North. It seems to be a hoarding of its advertisement from one viewpoint and an Arch from another.

How Was This MasterPiece Created?

A German industrial behemoth, ThyssenKrupp inspired the Dubai Frame design. They had to make various design adjustments to lessen the wind influence on the building. Not compromising the architectural view of the structure was the goal.

Expo 2020’s emblem impacted the design of the Dubai Frame’s facade.

It took a total of 2,900 sq m of laminated glass to create the Dubai Frame. More than 3,600 specialists worked together to make the Dubai Frame a reality. The digit includes engineers, architects, technicians, and personnel. The observation deck was raised using four enormous hydraulic jacks. Each was capable of lifting 300 tonnes. The entire operation took two days and resulted in a 3.5mm per second increase.

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What To Do Inside This Beautiful Frame In UAE?

Visitors may have some fun with large prisms on the wall. As they write on glass frames in front of them, will appear as digital graffiti on the prisms. It is purely Instagram Feed Candy.

The observation deck’s two cafes and gift stores are on the bottom floor. Visitors may get a close look at Dubai’s landmarks using smart telescope-cum-cameras. They can also capture photos with the Dubai Frame as a backdrop with them. These photographs will then be put on a show on the ground floor of the Social Media Wall. Visitors can buy them as they leave.

Past, Present and Future Three Dimensions In One Destination

The Sky Bridge, which reflects modern Dubai. It has a 75-meter straight span with glass panels covering the fa ade and floor.

The glass panels on the floor transform from translucent to transparent as tourists walk over them. As you walk over the glass, you can view the system’s raft foundation. The bridge’s floor sums 116 square metres of switchable smart glass.

The Future Gallery shows Dubai 50 years in the future. It creates a virtual metropolis using immersive simulations and virtual reality technologies.

Intelligent transportation options, such as flying taxis and the Hyperloop, 3D-printed houses, drones buzzing around, robots performing regular labour, improvements in health care, environmental protection, and many more are shown to highlight Dubai’s smart and sustainable future.

The UAE’s futuristic Mars Mission and the future ruler of Dubai are also included in this collection. The Crown Prince, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.