Watch: Arijit Singh Schools 22-YO Who Was Blowing Horn Continuously On The Road Just For A Selfie

by Shreya Rathod
Watch: Arijit Singh Schools 22-YO Who Was Blowing Horn Continuously On The Road Just For A Selfie

Arijit Singh, one of the most adored and modest singers, always engages with fans while beaming broadly. His friendly demeanour towards them has always been praised by the general people. However, a few fans this time displeased the artist. Recently, Arijit Singh was seen schooling a 22-year-old on the road for blowing horns.

Watch Arijit Singh Schools A 22-YO On The Road!


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A video showed him scolding two men for pursuing him on a bike down the middle of the street so they could take a picture with him surfaced on social media. He confronted them in Bengali and asked, ‘Do you know how many times you have honked? Who were you trying to disturb, me or others?’ He further schooled him and stated that only because they wanted to meet him did not allow them to harass others.

During this outburst, the person in front of him was speechless and stunned. Even after this, the singer did not refuse to click pictures with him. According to him, the boy did everything for just a photo, so he should take one.

Netizens acknowledged Arijit Singh’s behaviour and one of the users commented, “He did the absolute right thing. People think that Arijit is a peaceful guy so you can do whatever you want with him. Sometimes it’s important to get angry, even then he handled the situation very well and didn’t let his anger get control of him”

Another user commented, “Arijit Sir handled the situation in the best way.” Another person wrote, ‘Pressing the horn 8-9 times is too much. At least Arjit Singh offered to take pictures with him. Great gesture. Inconsiderate fans.’

Others were confused after listening to him speak in Bengali and started commenting. A user said, “I didn’t know, Arijit sir speaks out Bengali so well.” Another one commented, “Is Arijit a Bengali?”

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The Singer’s Angry Moments

This is not the first time Arijit Singh expressed his anger in public. A fan pulled singer Arijit Singh’s hand during a live concert in Aurangabad, causing him harm. According to reports, he was interacting with the crowd when the event occurred, forcing him to interrupt the concert. In a video from the occasion, Arijit can be seen patiently instructing the admirer.

Arijit is heard saying ‘You were pulling me,’ in the video. He also asked her to come up on the stage and to understand that he was struggling. And she must acknowledge that! He further remarked that the fan was there to have fun. But how would that be possible if he wasn’t able to perform? The way she was dragging him caused his hands to shake. He even asked the crowd if he should just leave.

In another video, the musician was caught cursing out loud during a concert in a clip that quickly spread around the internet. He sang a few lines of Nadaan Parindey from Rockstar before yelling for somebody to fix the mic but with the F word.

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Before he turned around and screamed about the loose equipment, he was becoming noticeably off-key.

Cover Image Courtesy: @deararijitianss/ Instagram & Arijit Singh/ Facebook

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