Excited Fan Pulls Arijit Singh’s Hand During His Aurangabad Concert; Singer Badly Hurt

by Mallika Khurana
Excited Fan Pulls Arijit Singh’s Hand During His Aurangabad Concert; Singer Badly Hurt

It was a long time ago when we heard the first-ever Arijit Singh song, Phir Mohabbat, from Murder 2, and we were totally hooked. Then came masterpieces like Tum Hi Ho, Channa Mereya, and so many more, and we knew this love we had for him and his oh-so-magical voice was everlasting. Even today, we often go back to his songs and count on them to instantly make us feel better. We’re sure most of you can relate to all of it.

Given the unmatched fandom that follows his soothing tunes, his concerts are always jam-packed. His fans are always crazy about him and meet him with extraordinary excitement. Currently on his nationwide tour, he has been bestowing a lot of us with a chance to take pleasure in his music live. However, things went a little south during his latest performance in Aurangabad.

Arijit Singh Was Injured At Aurangabad Concert

On Sunday, he was performing in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, when he suffered an injury to his arm. As per the reports, an excited fan tried to pull him off the stage while shaking hands with him. The video of this incident has been making the rounds on the internet, and people are amazed by the calmness with which Arijit tackled the situation.

Though he was hurt, he was still polite while talking to the fan who pulled him. In the viral video, he can be seen saying that he is not one of those people who will blame someone lightly. He also clarified that he was being pulled and was struggling. He even stated that his hands were shaking and he couldn’t move them.

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The Fans Are Praying For His Speedy Recovery

After the video went viral, netizens have been criticising the act pulled off by the fan. A lot of people are also concerned for their beloved singer and are curious about updates on his health. Fans have also been posting about his injury, hoping for him to get well soon. Arijit Singh has also been gaining a lot of appreciation for continuing his concert after the incident. He reportedly went on to treat his fans to blockbusters like Jhoome Jo Pathaan, Duaa, and Phir Le Aya Dil.

This is certainly an unfortunate incident, and we hope he gets well soon!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Arijit Singh Live Updates