Watch: Bird Hits American Airlines Plane; Engine Catches Fire!

by Tooba Shaikh
Watch: Bird Hits American Airlines Plane; Engine Catches Fire!

Travelling in aeroplanes can be risky as many things can go awry in a minute. In a recent shocking event, an American Airlines plane caught fire after its engine was hit by a bird. The ignited plane was caught on camera by a civilian nearby. They then took to Twitter and shared the video of the plane. The plane had just taken off and hadn’t gone too far so it made a successful emergency landing.

Watch: American Airlines Plane’s Engine Catches Fire After Bird Hits It

A video of the plane’s right engine catching fire was posted on Twitter. The tweet about the video said that the plane’s engine was making wonky and pulsing noises right after it took off from the Ohio Airport. The reason for the spontaneous combustion of the plane’s engine is that it was struck by a bird. 

Luckily, since it hadn’t gone too far away from the airport, it turned back and made an emergency landing. Since the plane made it back to the ground in time, no injuries or loss of lives happened. Everyone managed to get out of the plane safely.

The plane was owned by American Airlines and was heading from Columbus to Phoenix. This particular incident took place on the 23rd of April. Since the video was first posted on the micro-blogging site, it has garnered over 79 thousand views on Twitter.

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Plane Made An Emergency Landing

This flight was numbered AA1958 and the person who took the video, in another tweet, said that they were really afraid while filming the video. They also said that they thought that they might have to witness a plane crash however, thankfully, it didn’t come to that.

A reply to the tweet thread stated that her husband was on this plane and was constantly texting her while the crisis was ongoing. She also revealed that the reason that the plane’s engine caught fire was that a goose or some other bird had struck the plane.

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Cover Image Credits: @CBUS4LIFE/Twitter