IndiGo Aeroplane Suffers A Tail Strike; Grounded At Nagpur Airport For Investigation

by Tooba Shaikh
IndiGo Aeroplane Suffers A Tail Strike; Grounded At Nagpur Airport For Investigation

Piloting an aircraft can be a risky business. There are a number of things that can go wrong. In the long list of things that can possibly go awry while flying is something called a tail strike. Recently, an aeroplane belonging to the IndiGo airline suffered a tail strike while the plane was landing. Officials are trying to ensure that the plane hasn’t suffered any serious damage. Not much is known about the incident and investigations are still underway.

IndiGo Aeroplane Suffers Tail Strike

IndiGo aeroplane
Credits: @FlightModeblog/Twitter

An IndiGo aircraft which took off from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport or the CSMIA in Mumbai suffered a tail strike. The incident took place on the 14th of April while the aircraft was landing at runway number 32 at the airport in Nagpur.

According to the Aviation Herald, while the plane was landing, it bounced and when it touched down for the second time, the tail grazed the asphalt of the runway and got grazed. Luckily no further damage or collision happened the landing was completed without any further hiccups.

Since then, the aircraft has been grounded at the Nagpur airport while it is under investigation to see the extent of the done. No loss of life or even injuries to the passengers as well as to the crew members have been reported.

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What Is A Tail Strike?

IndiGo aeroplane
Credits: WIkimedia Commons

If you’ve been wondering what a tail strike means, here is the answer. A tail strike is when any part of the aircraft’s tail collides with the ground or hits any stationary object. It can occur while taking off or landing a plane. Luckily, nobody was injured in the incident and all the passengers got out.

It seems that though the damage was not a lot, the aircraft has since been parked at the Nagpur airport for further investigations and for repairing the damage. The flight in question was numbered 6E-203. There aren’t a lot of details about the event available yet.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons