Watch: Couple Get Cosy On A Moving Scooty In Lucknow; Police Starts A Probe 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Watch: Couple Get Cosy On A Moving Scooty In Lucknow; Police Starts A Probe 

Lucknow’s Hazratganj is famous among people in India for its Victoria-style shopping area. From Chikan material to Gurjari, this area houses it all. But the same Hazratganj in Lucknow is in the news today because of a viral video. The video features a couple getting cosy on a moving scooty in the busy streets of Lucknow. This video is going viral on the Internet on different social media platforms. The police start a probe to catch the couple. 

Couple Get Cosy On A Moving Scooty In Lucknow

A viral video has led the Lucknow police to look out for two people who indulged in an indecent act in public. The couple was spotted hugging and getting cosy on a moving two-wheeler in the busy area of Hazratganj in Lucknow. This was brought to the notice of the Uttar Pradesh Police and Lucknow Police after the video went viral and people began tagging the official accounts of the police. 

The video was shot by a person who was riding right behind this couple, who were on a two-wheeler. In the viral video, the girl can be seen seated in a very cosy manner and hugging the rider. The video went viral in no time and has garnered millions of views. Aparna Rajat Kaushik, the deputy commissioner of police for the city’s central zone, recognised the video as being from Lucknow’s Hazratganj. 

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Netizens Are Furious About The Video

After the Lucknow video went viral on social media, the police took notice of it and started an investigation. Two police teams have been dispatched to find the pair. In an effort to locate the duo, the police are also looking over the CCTV footage from adjacent cameras. According to the statement, they would be punished for disseminating obscenities and breaking the Motor Vehicles Act.

People began sharing the video and also commented about how indecent this act is. The video’s popularity has enraged many netizens, who have questioned the work of traffic cops as this occurs on a busy street.Rajesh Srivastav, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Central Police, said that looking at the video, the couple looks like two girls instead of a girl and a boy. He assured about the probe being started and also about another probe with relevant sections against the couple. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @shariq/Twitter