20 Viral Food Trends Of 2022 That Made Us Wanna Throw Up

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
20 Viral Food Trends Of 2022 That Made Us Wanna Throw Up

Though 2022 was a year of massive travel, shedding masks and resuming normal life, there was also something that was clearly not normal. Yes, you guessed it right: viral food trends. This year, we witnessed some of the most extremely weird food trends, which went viral and made us ask, “Why?” Well, now that the year is ending, we are curating 20 viral food trends that made us want to throw up, quite literally.

Viral Food Trends Of 2022

1. Gulab Jamun Burger

A street food vendor was seen placing a gulab jamun between burger buns and calling it gulab jamun burger. To make the dish sweeter he also drizzles some sugar syrup on the bun. 

2. Chocolate Paratha With Vanilla Ice Cream

A viral video showed Paratha dough being stuffed with chocolate chips and then the paratha was rolled out. The next step saw the creator topping the paratha with Vanilla ice cream.

3. Chocolate Raj Kachori

A street vendor mixes chocolate syrup in curd and then adds in the Kachori stuffing. He then adds sev over it just like we do on normal kachoris. He then garnishes it with some more chocolate syrup.

4. Omellete With Crushed Oreos

In a viral video, a vendor mixes eggs, crushed oreos, and chocolate syrup together to create a not-so-needed chocolate omelete with crushed oreos in it. Netizens were totally disgusted by this combination.

5. Chaiscream

Yes, you read that right. In 2022, viral food trends did not even let our holy tea be. A food vendor was seen mixing tea with ice cream and creating a weird food combination named “Chaiscream.”

6. Cold Coffee Maggi


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This was one of the weirdest viral food trends of 2022. A vendor added cold coffee to a pan and then added all the ingredients with veggies, which we use while making normal veggie maggi, and named it “Cold Coffee Maggi.”

7.  Butter Chicken Ice Cream

No, not kidding, this really was one of the viral food trends of 2022. The internet saw a viral video where a man was seen serving butter chicken ice cream and also topped it with mint chutney!

8. Dairy Milk Pakoras


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A woman with small pakora setup opens a packet of dairy milk, dips it in besan and fries it until golden brown.  Majority of  netizens were brimming with anger over this weird food combination.

9. Flavoured Samosas

viral food trends 2022
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The primary snack of India, samosas, was not spared by the viral food trends of 2022. A Delhi eatery served samosas in blueberry and strawberry flavours.

10. Gulab Jamun Dahi Chat

Netizens went cringing as soon as they saw a viral video of gulab jamun, dahi and chat being mixed together.  People did not at all welcome this weird food combination.

11.  Samosa With Gulab Jamun Stuffing

It seems like gulab jamun is the favourite sweet of people who are inventing weird food combinations. Another bizarre and viral food trend this year was a samosa with gulab jamun as its filling. My feelings are hurt for sure.

12. Jalebi With Aloo Sabzi


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A food blogger tried jalebi with aloo ki sabzi (potato curry). She found this weird food combination on the streets of Vrindavan in Mathura. She had a very neutral reaction after trying this combo.

13. Chai Maggi


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Chai and Maggi hold a very special place in every Indian’s heart, but separately. This street vendor tried to combine two Indian favourites into one and gave rise to a bizarre food combination.

14.  Rasgulla Chai

A tea seller added a rasgulla in a kulhad and then poured tea in it and called it ‘Rasgulla Chai’. The next thing he does is that he adds a dollop of butter into it.

15.  Ice Cream Pizza


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This vendor ditched the regular sauce on the pizza base and added chocolate spread. He then added veggies to it, just like on normal pizza. He then tops it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, cheese, and bakes it.  He serves it by adding some more ice cream on the top.

16.  Ice Cream Maggi


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This vendor went a step ahead. He added a whole can of raspberry ice cream to the pan of Maggi that was already boiling Maggi that was already boiling. How could this weird combo not be on the list of viral food trends?

17. Kitkat Dosa

No, we did not misspell milkshake as dosa. A vendor ditched the chutneys and decided to spread chocolate syrup on dosas. He then lets the dosa cook with the syrup, garnishes it with cheese, and serves it with Kitkat chocolate.

18. Coca Cola Maggi


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Yes. This vendor decided to combine Maggi with Coca-Cola. He very generously uses this soft drink as a replacement for water and cooks Maggi in it, leaving netizens disgusted.

19. Chicken Ice Cream

Yes, you read that right. You don’t even have to watch the video; the name itself is disgusting. A vendor was seen making ice cream out of chicken pieces, and we just could not take it.

20.  Momos Chaat


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All the momo lovers hate this food combo from the bottom of their heart. the video shows a man plating fried momos with dahi, chaat masala, spicy chutney and tamarind chutney.

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