Watch Kochi Metro Staff Dancing To The Beats Of A Song From ‘Dasara’ & It’s Addictive!

by Shreya Rathod
Watch Kochi Metro Staff Dancing To The Beats Of A Song From ‘Dasara’ & It’s Addictive!

Metro is not just a mode of transport but also a place for entertainment. Delhi Metro has been in the limelight for bizarre videos that circled the Internet. But have you seen the Kochi Metro Staff dance video yet? Well, this video is a must-watch if you are feeling mid-week blues! Take a look at the staff members grooving to the upbeat song of the new movie “Dasara”.

Kochi Metro Staff Grooving To The Beats

The official Instagram account of Kochi Metro Rail shared a cool dance video. It featured two Metro employees dancing to the beats of a popular song ‘Mainaru Vetti Katti’ from the movie ‘Dasara’. The video was shot in front of the metro gate on the platform! Moreover, the caption stated that the Kochi Metro Rail never missed a trend. Netizens have applauded the employees’ dance skills and loved that they are going with the trend.

A second video popped up on their Instagram account that featured two other employees dancing to the ‘Tum Tum’ song from ‘Enemy’. This one was shot near the ticket counter of Kochi Metro.

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Netizens Loving The Viral Dance

These dance videos have gone viral and Netizens are loving it! Especially if you are feeling mid-week blues, nothing can be better than watching these videos. Everyone is loving the spirit of the employees to lift their spirits, take a break from work and dance! In recent years, Instagram’s reel format and the pandemic have given a boost to dance reels. Many people have started making videos and showcasing their talents.

As for metro videos, another one to be in the news was the Delhi Metro, but for the wrong reasons. There were bizarre videos of a girl dressed as ‘Manjulika’ surfacing the Internet. Not to forget the PDA by couples in the metro and the viral Delhi Metro girl video! There were so many videos that authorities had to ban the use of cameras inside the metro. Despite this, another video of a girl dancing inside the metro has been revealed.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Kochi Metro Rail/ Instagram