Watch: Man Takes Boy, Selling Pens Outside Bengaluru Mall, Shopping; His Reaction Is Priceless

by Shreya Rathod
Watch: Man Takes Boy, Selling Pens Outside Bengaluru Mall, Shopping; His Reaction Is Priceless

It is a sad fact that many kids have to start earning a living by selling balloons or toys in public places like railway stations, parks, etc. Recently, an influencer spotted a boy selling pens outside the Orion Mall in Bengaluru. He took him shopping and the boy’s reaction was priceless!

Watch: Man Spotted Boy Selling Pens Outside Bengaluru Mall & Took Him Shopping!


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Pranesh V K, a digital content creator from Bengaluru, brought a youngster who was selling pens outside Orion Mall to meet his demands. Social media users are taking a liking to Mr Pranesh’s kind gesture towards the child.

On his Instagram account, @wanderer_tn96, Mr Pranesh posted a video in which he described the boy’s upbringing and surroundings. Furthermore, he purchased food and clothing for the youngster, whose genuine response made many happy.

Even with a lot of work, the youngster, who was left on his own after his father’s sudden death, only makes ₹ 100–150 a day selling pens. The youngster said that he wanted food and new clothing when the influencer asked him what he wanted. The youngster announced that it was his first time inside the mall as soon as they walked in.

Netizens are in awe of the kind act done by the man and are applauding him. Just looking at the kid’s happy face makes you feel happy in your heart. A user requested to let him know about more kids who are in similar situations and he would like to do something for them.

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Netizens React To The Kind Gesture

boy selling pens bengaluru
Credits: @wanderer_tn96/ Instagram

A user reacted by stating that people ask why to take videos and do it silently. But there are so many negative things happening that these videos help people to have a positive outlook. They are inspiring people to do good deeds.

Another person commented that the world needs more people like you. A user revealed that he knew the boy and met him in Rameshwaram Cafe. he spoke with the boy and asked him about his family’s condition. Further, he offered food to the boy and noted that he truly deserved it.

A user shared her experience and stated that she met a boy with his younger sibling in tow at the train station. He stated he needed money when she inquired if he wanted something to eat. Since she was a student at the time, she handed him ₹100. After that, she watched him as he used the money to purchase a cigarette for himself. She was shattered by this experience and no longer had any faith in them.

A user shared his experience and stated that he was treated the same way when he was selling milk at age 12. He still remembers them even after 26 years and becoming a businessman.

A user commented that we are the source of kindness and the source of living. Another one commented that it looked like God directly sent someone for the kid.

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Comment below and tell us if you have encountered any kids selling items and if have you made any kind gesture for them.

Cover Image Courtesy: @wanderer_tn96/ Instagram

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