Watch: McDonald’s In Japan Has A Phone Cleaner & Netizens Joke, “Imagine It gets Stuck There”

A smartphone disinfection system was found in Japan’s McDonald's in the most recent viral video.

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Watch: McDonald’s In Japan Has A Phone Cleaner & Netizens Joke, “Imagine It gets Stuck There”

Every time someone talks about Japan, one thing that never misses being mentioned is its innovations and technologies. From transparent restrooms to bullet trains, Japan has everything super futuristic. One user posted a picture of McDonald’s in Japan having a phone cleaner. Netizens are jokingly worried about phones getting stuck inside. 

McDonald’s In Japan Has A Phone Cleaner 

A smartphone disinfection system was found in Japan’s McDonald’s in the most recent viral video. A horizontal slot has been created next to the sink in the video. The device’s operating instructions are inscribed beneath the sink’s connecting slot. As seen in the video, the cell phone is placed within the slot horizontally. 

Aside from that, several of the guidelines prohibit using hands inside the phone slot and require that smartphones be inserted into it without force. 

The phone goes inside, the machine closes, and a blue light can be seen. After 30 seconds, the phone automatically comes out. 

The video was posted by @historyinmemes on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). It has by far garnered over 14.8 million views, 89K likes, and over 1.2K comments. 

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Netizens Were Startled

Netizens were startled to learn that such technologies existed after seeing the video. Because the phone enters the slot machine automatically in the video, several users are dubious about how it operates. 

While some think it is unreliable, others think that all passwords and data are transferred via this new gadget. Many netizens also posted pictures and videos of other unique technologies and innovations from across the globe. 

The Japanese business WOTA is the one that created the WOSH smartphone washing system. It’s a reusable sink and a sustainable hand-washing station that combines UV light and a hydrological system to clean your phone of bacteria. 

Within 30 seconds, the firm promises to sanitise your phone 99.9% of the time. Thus, you can wash your hands and clean your phone at the same time. This concept emerged following the recent wave of germs and viruses. The corporation wants to make people more hygienic.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @historyinmemes/X (formerly Twitter)

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