Water Sports Facility, Light Shows And More! Goa’s Salaulim Dam & Sangeum Town To Get A Makeover

by Shreya Rathod
Water Sports Facility, Light Shows And More! Goa’s Salaulim Dam & Sangeum Town To Get A Makeover

Located on the Salaulim River in Goa, the Salaulim Dam is a unique dam with earth-cum-masonry structure type. In fact, it is one of the prime attractions for tourists due to its scenic beauty. Recently, the state government decided to give Salaulim Dam and Sangeum Town a makeover! Here are the details of what is included in the makeover.

Salaulim Dam And Sangeum Town To Get A Makeover!

In order to promote tourism, the Salaulim dam and its surrounding surroundings will be cleaned up and made more attractive, according to water resources minister Subhash Shirodkar on Sunday. In fact, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation would build more cottages.

The minister claimed that Sanguem is blessed with nature’s wealth and that more than a lakh people visited the botanical garden and Selaulim Dam last year. Further, he remarked that Goans frequently consider vacationing in Kashmir or Shimla. But, according to him, Sanguem is at least equally gorgeous during the rainy season as Kashmir.

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At Pajimol in Sanguem, he intends to develop some water sports facilities. In addition to the garden of trees and flowers at Pajimol, he also wants to create a garden of fountains. He was speaking following the beginning of the Salaulim Dam’s illumination as part of Amrit Mahotsav.

To Focus On Increasing Water Storage Capacity

salaulim dam goa
Credits: Wikimedia

The minister stated that the water resources department would work to expand the Salaulim dam’s water storage capacity. And they will be focusing on proper water management so that the water stored there lasts through the months of June, July, and August.

Subhash Phal Dessai, a Sanguem MLA and the minister of social welfare emphasised the importance of expanding the Salaulim dam’s water storage capacity. To this end, he advised that the department take on the task of desilting the reservoir.

The MLA informed Minister Subhash Shirodkar that, in addition to being strengthened, the dam’s storage capacity also needed to be enlarged. The dam’s reservoir’s storage capacity has been impacted by 40 years of siltation. Salaulim Dam supplies the majority of Goa’s population with all of its drinking water needs.

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The storage capacity will rise to a level where the water will last for another month even with a 10 per cent desiltation process.

Cover Image Courtesy: DIP Goa/ Twitter