We Bet You Didn’t Know About These 7 Hidden Gems In London!

Check out these next time you fly to the capital of England.

by Ankita Mazumdar
We Bet You Didn’t Know About These 7 Hidden Gems In London!

The popular tourist attractions of London always have major footfalls. Have you ever wondered if there are some exceptional hidden gems in London that you might just walk past by? Today’s focus is to unveil those hidden gems that absolutely deserve a shoutout and should not be a hidden gem anymore! So, take your friends, an updated map of London and explore the secrets of London.

Do Not Forget To Visit These 7 Hidden Gems In London

1. The AIRE Ancient Baths

This is one of the best-hidden gems in London and you will feel like you have been transported somewhere else through the portal as soon as you enter! It is known for its peaceful and luxurious thermal baths. It includes hot baths, ice-cold plunges, a bubbly hydrotherapy pool, steam rooms, salt baths and massages as it is inspired by the Roman, Greek and Ottoman bathing rituals. Go to the Embankment station and this place is just a mere five-minute walk from it.

2. The Ostler’s Hut

It is considered as one of the smallest listed buildings in London. This tiny hut is made up of red bricks and has a tiny door and a window. It was built in 1860 and was made as a porter’s hut. An ‘ostler’ was someone who looked after horses. It is located at Lincoln’s Inn.

3. The Mail Rail

Afraid of using the popular and crowded tube in London? Then, we have a perfect solution for you! Head over to the Postal Museum and enjoy a great ride on the mail rail, a small train which runs underground. The museum ticket includes this train ride which is a great thing. This is a journey back in time to the postal services beneath the streets of London!

4. The Mosaic House

This is the home of Carrie Reichardt located in Chiswick and covered with millions of colourful mosaic tiles. It took over 20 years to complete this spectacular art house which has tons of stories and strong political messages. You can spend hours looking at this vibrant creation for free of cost!

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5. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Did you know that this tunnel crosses beneath the River Thames? The Greenwich Foot Tunnel links the Greenwich on the south bank with Millwall on the north. Opened back in 1902 and it is still functional 24/7! Get a chance to glimpse the Old Royal Naval College, Queen’s House and Royal Observatory from your tunnel walk.

6. The Great Equatorial Telescope

Head over to the Royal Observatory and be mesmerised by this hidden gem in London! Astronomical buffs, you will be enthralled to witness a 28-inch refracting telescope, the largest in the United Kingdom! It was built in 1839 and was primarily used for watching double stars, planets and comets in the sky. It is aligned with the Earth’s axis but moves parallel to the celestial equator, hence its name.

7. The Sky Pool

Ever wondered if you can swim at the height of 115 feet above the ground? There is a special sky pool in London, a hidden gem, located in the Embassy Gardens. Also, it seems like it is a floating swimming pool when seen from below. It is a one-of-a-kind experience and we urge you to relax, chill, eat and swim in this 25-foot pool with your friends.

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Share this list with your London friends and keep a note of these hidden gems when you are travelling next.

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