We Caught Up With Neha Kakkar For A Quick Chat, And Here’s How It Went!

by Deeplata Garde
We Caught Up With Neha Kakkar For A Quick Chat, And Here’s How It Went!

Having an encounter with singers has always been amazing for us. And recently we had the privilege to bump into India’s famous female singer, Neha Kakkar. The woman who made us dance, cry and feel like the main character with her songs recently performed at Global Village, Dubai. We caught Neha backstage during her performance and our interview went smiling and getting lost in her melodious voice.

Neha Kakkar Is Head Over Heels For Dubai

Now that she was performing in Dubai’s multicultural destination, Global Village, we asked the Indian playback singer the most obvious question. Yes, you guessed it right if you said, what do you love about Dubai?

Neha with a smile on her face quoted Dubai to be her favourite city and that she absolutely loves everything about it. Dubai for her is something really close to her heart as she kept showing us her love for the city through her gracious words.

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The Indian Singer Tried Dining In The Skies In Dubai Recently

We think Neha wanted was talking about dining over the Dubai Marina. The recent most touristy thing she has done in Dubai was this. She enjoyed her meal in the skies. Neha was all smiles when talking about how she and her husband received the honorary Golden Visa of Dubai.

With the year coming to an end, we often think of resolutions during this time. So we asked what was Neha’s plan. Neha has been praying to attain a more peaceful state this year. And her New Year resolution is about working towards this goal.

It Is Hard For The Pop Star To Ignore Pani Puri


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While talking with her, we asked Neha what would be her cheat meal to which she promptly replied Pani Puri. Not many of us are aware that Neha Kakkar’s father used to sell samosas. So we thought of checking on her capacity to relish the crispy Indian snack. Neha said she manages to eat 3-4 smaller ones in one go.

Did you know what was Neha Kakkar’s backup plan for her career? She wanted to become a dancer if not a singer. We don’t deny this as we have seen her shaking a leg in her recorded albums.

The interview ended on a melodious note with Neha singing her favourite song for us. Want to know which one was it? Go check out the video now!