Not Once, Twice Or Even Thrice, Global Village To Have 7 Fireworks Display This NYE

by Deeplata Garde
Not Once, Twice Or Even Thrice, Global Village To Have 7 Fireworks Display This NYE

Fireworks ringing on New Year’s is a common phenomenon globally. But how many times have you witnessed fireworks bursting in loops? Once, Twice even thrice is something you might have gotten lucky to watch. But have you ever heard 7 rounds of fireworks bursting continuously on New Year? Rare right? Global Village is doing it this year and we can’t wait for the end week of December to come.

7 Timezones For 7 Fireworks Is Secret Of This NYE At Global Village

Global Village did it last time, it will do it again this year. Different International Timezones will be utilised to do the New year countdown. Special isn’t it? This is the ultimate solution to our FOMO of losing out on the NYE celebrations of various countries.

Get ready to witness 7 events here at the Global Village. The celebrations will begin at 8 p.m. local time on the Main Stage and coincide with midnight in the Philippines.  Following will be Thailand at 9 p.m., Bangladesh at 10 p.m., India at 10.30 p.m., Pakistan at 11 p.m., the United Arab Emirates at 12 a.m., and Turkey at 1 a.m.

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Your One-Stop Destination For NYE Extravaganza

On New Year’s Eve, Global Village will be full since the venue is going to the extreme to mark the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. The gates will open at 4 pm, and the hours of operation will be stretched until 2 am, making for a pleasant afternoon and evening. Discover new delights with each visit as you sample delicacies and traditions from all over the world as you indulge yourselves in the best entertainment, shopping, dining, and activities in Dubai.

Come, count the last minutes of the New Year at Global Village.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Library