We Explored The Artsy Streets Of India’s Largest Resettlement Site Kannagi Nagar In Chennai

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
We Explored The Artsy Streets Of India’s Largest Resettlement Site Kannagi Nagar In Chennai

When someone talks about Chennai, what is it that comes to your mind first? Ancient temples and culinary magic! But let us take you to a place where we experienced a vibrant change in the landscape of Chennai. Our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani and we explored the vibrant and beautiful artsy streets of India’s largest resettlement site, Kannagi Nagar, in Chennai. Here is how the third episode of Asian Paints: The Colourful Walls of India looked. 

Artsy Streets Of Kannagi Nagar In Chennai

We visited another beautiful city in India to discover its gorgeous walls that speak art, colour, and history. This time we explored the Kannagi art district. Kannagi Nagar in Chennai is known as India’s largest resettlement site, with over 80,000 people living there. The artworks are completely rooted in the residents who live in this neighbourhood. 

The artistic revolution in this area has been brought by Asian Paints in association with Start India Foundation and with the support of Chennai Smart City Limited, Greater Chennai Corporation, and the Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board. 

The artwork painted on the walls here speaks about the residents and tells their stories. The people who have built their homes here are the ones who relocated here after the tsunami that hit Kannagi in 2004. 

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Murals Depict The Stories Of The People Here For Real 

One of the walls in Kannagi Nagar has a mural that shows the water scarcity problem of the people and looks super real. Another one shows the happy faces of schoolchildren eating their mid-day meals in school. 

One resident mentioned that people did not know about this place before the artworks were made. Now people walk into this place from across the globe and marvel at its beauty. Some Tamil movies have also been shot here, and that is how more people got to know about it. 

The gorgeous murals here feature the artwork of 15 artists from Chennai. Look at any mural, and it will tell you an interesting story about the people who live here, its history, and interesting facts. 

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