We Explored The Iconic Food Joints of Thatheri Bazaar In Varanasi & Here’s What We Tried

by Tania Tarafdar

Banaras is one such city on the Indian map whose culture, history & food is distinct to this majestic land. In this video, we have Curly Tales anchor Bianca Saurastri exploring the streets of Varanasi’s famous markets called the Thatheri Bazaar with her college friend Manisha. Varanasi offers a mix of various foods that you will only find in this city, some of which are peculiar winter delicacies & must-haves that should not be a miss when you are in this holy city. From the mouthwatering Malai Toasts to Kachori Sabzi, Malliyo, Lassi & Chaat, the girls give you the true essence of this bustling neighbourhood. Watch the whole video & let us know what more would you recommend?