We Visited This New Zealand Inspired Underground Home Near Mumbai

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 651

SaffronStays AsanjA is India’s first earth-sheltered, or underground home with 360° views of the mighty Sahyadri Hills, located 2.5 hours from Mumbai and Pune. 📍AsanjA by SaffronStays In Murbad The property has 5 rooms, with a 3-room home and 2-room home. Despite the architecture of the home being cave-like, this property is spacious and luxurious. You cannot book a single room. The first bedroom has a skylight right above the bed offering a beautiful view of the night sky. The hallway is dotted with the earthy mosaic dome atrium lined with beautiful aquamarine green-blue ceramic pottery, that makes the home an Instagram-able paradise. Cost: Weekday- AsanjA Titaly (2 Rooms) : ₹18,000 AsanjA Dragonfly (3 Rooms) : ₹33,000

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