Welcome ‘Shivai’ Maharashtra’s First Electric Bus Between Mumbai – Pune

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has launched it’s very first electric bus named ‘Shivai’. This intercity bus is very well furnished, air-conditioned with 43 seats inside the bus. The authorities are planning 150 other such electric buses that will run between different cities.

Electric buses were a long wait for Mumbai, MSRTC had promised 100 electric buses by the end of 2019. And here we are today, inaugurating the very first of it’s kind. These electric buses can go the distance of about 300 kilometres and hence will be a perfect fit for running between Mumbai – Pune and Mumbai – Nashik.

 Maharashtra's First Electric Bus

Shiv Sena party president, Uddhav Thackrey inaugurated the first electric bus in Mumbai on the 6th of September, Friday. “These noiseless, environment-friendly buses, the first inter-city buses for the country, are a big leap for MSRTC which has been plying mainly diesel buses..,” said Uddhav Thackrey at the launch, reports TOI.

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It is also said that the fare of these buses will be cheaper than the normal ones. According to TOI reports, it will be less than the prices of Shivneri which is currently at ₹16 per kilometre. Which means the travel between Mumbai-Pune will be cheaper, faster and eco-friendly!

The buses are operated by the MSRTC but they are owned and maintained by a third party. Each electric bus cost approximately cost ₹1.5 – 2 crore and these buses were bought on wet-lease bearing no cost to MSRTC.

 Maharashtra's First Electric Bus

Credits: Mumbai Mirror

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Mrunal Mahajan
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