100 Electric Buses Expected To Run Between Mumbai-Pune Soon

by Mrunal Mahajan
100 Electric Buses Expected To Run Between Mumbai-Pune Soon

Electric Buses will now be running between Mumbai and Pune as MSRTC – Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation has started accepting tenders for this project. It is also estimated that they will be acquiring at least 100 electric buses. How amazing is that? For starters, we will not have to waste natural resources like Petrol and Diesel every time!

Image Credits: Electrek

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This is a massive upgrade for Mumbaikar. A lot of people travel from Mumbai Pune highway, it gets crowded during rush hours, there is a long line for petrol/ diesel(every time). After switching to CNG, this is the second best thing we could have done.

Image Credits: Deccan Chronicle

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The MSRTC is accepting the proposal and will be working on building AC Electric Buses by the end of 2019. I am very sceptical about the AC buses running this soon, but let’s look at the brighter side and hope that in the coming years, this does not just stay a proposal. MSRTC’s director said that they are very keen on this idea and in the initial stages it is for Mumbai Pune Highway. They are also planning on extending it to other cities.

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This project will need a lot of planning and infrastructure starting from building the electrical buses, charging stations for them. MSRTC is rumoured to build them on between Mumbai Pune Highway.

Image Credits: DNA

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Come to think of it, the idea has a few drawbacks also. Starting from the fact that there are already transportation systems in place, like personal vehicles and public transport. The shift from fuel to electricity will be difficult, take the example of CNG not even 40% of people are using CNG in their private vehicles. Secondly, our country’s majority is not able to afford basic necessities. How about we work towards making the necessary things available for them? I don’t want to completely criticize this move, but we don’t even have functioning roads!!