Abandoned Vehicles Clog Streets Of Thane

by Mrunal Mahajan
Abandoned Vehicles Clog Streets Of Thane

The roads in Mumbai are so chaotic and if you sit down and see what the problem is, you will notice that it’s not just narrow roads. Clogged streets with abandoned vehicles, overtaking in traffic, breaking lanes all of these combined create chaos. It will take time to get people to follow rules, but the least that we can do is clear the clutter of vehicles from the roads.
The drive to get rid of abandoned vehicles, popularly called ‘Khataras’ was started by Mumbai Mirror and was soon picked by many citizens across Mumbai who are tired of clogged roads and the never-ending traffic at peak hours.

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People of the city are tired of waiting for the BMC worker to take action. The Members of Citizen Foundation in Thane have taken it on themselves to get rid of these vehicles. They wrote to the Deputy Commissioner about the issues with rusted cars that have been dumped on roads for a long time now. These rusted cars have blocked the free flow of vehicles which causes the issue of traffic and find it difficult to move. The citizens of Thane want their road free from ‘Khataras’ and hence are protesting against it.

Representation purpose only. Image Credits: Auto Speed

Thane is a busy area and the population is more than 18.9 lakhs here and these rusted vehicles are making it difficult for Thanekar to move swiftly. The vehicles may or may not be claimed but getting rid of them is necessary! According to the citizens of thane, these cars have been lying on the road for years now. Citizens in protest of these Khataras came to the roads to show their discontentment against it and further they also mentioned that there were a lot of Khataras in areas such as Pokhran, Vartak Nagar and parts of Thane. They have taken pictures of these clunkers to report it to the cops.

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The Thane police have said that they will be taking action against the abandoned vehicles. DCP Amit Kale said, “Thane police have already picked up 237 four wheelers, 139 three-wheelers, and 415 two-wheelers in the past few months.”

This operation has been carried out in various cities of Mumbai, right from Goregaon to Thane.

We not just have to hope for a better world, but also take effective steps to make it happen!