Lucknow Civic Body Uses Plastic Waste To Construct Roads

Over the years the rise in pollution and overuse of plastic, nature has taken a hit. The climate is changing rapidly and global warming is on a rise. But it is a relief to see that people across the globe are realising the peril earth is in and have started taking initiatives in order to restore nature’s course. In a first, Lucknow Development Authority announced on World Environment Day that they will be using the plastic waste from across the city to construct roads.

What Is It?

For those of you who don’t know, in the past 10 years, Lucknow has witnessed a tremendous development surge. Areas in Lucknow have been transformed with such finesse, that many people claim that it doesn’t even look like a part of Lucknow. With the Lucknow Metro all set up an running and our own rendition of Marine Drive, the city of Nawabs is all set to take up a new challenge to do its part in the conservation of nature.

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On World Environment Day, the Lucknow Development Authority announced that plastic waste will be used to construct the road from Gomti Nagar Police Station to Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow.

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According to LDA, mixing plastic waste while making the road, increases its durability by 40-50 percent, therefore 8-10 percent of less than 50-micron plastic waste will be mixed in the coal tar. Once the experiment road is complete, DLA will do more research on it for the next two years to find out the further scope of improvement.

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What’s More?

This idea was inspired by the success of many such roads in various foreign countries. And it’s not just Lucknow that plans to do this. many civic bodies plan to start the construction of roads in their cities using plastic.

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Well, I cannot wait to head back home and check out how this new road turns out to be. Hope this one will be one less bumpy road to drive through. And, congratulations Lucknow for taking a step to end plastic pollution.

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Angel Srivastava
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