Western Railway Mumbai Division Will Launch “Yatri” On 5 April. Here Are The Deets!

by Shreya Ghosh
Western Railway Mumbai Division Will Launch “Yatri” On 5 April. Here Are The Deets!

Western Railway is all set to make local train journeys for commuters a bit easy with the latest launch in 2 days. The Western Railway Mumbai Division is going to launch the official “Yatri” application. They are all set to introduce it on 5 April 2023 and commuters will be able to use it from Wednesday onwards. The Western Railway Mumbai Division shared the details about this much-anticipated launch of the Yatri app in an official statement. How will this launch help the Mumbai local train passengers? To know all about it, read on.

What Is The Yatri App All About?

The official Twitter account of DRM – Mumbai Central, WR (@drmbct) has tweeted about the launch news on social media. You can see the tweet here.

The Western Railways Mumbai Division shared an official statement about the introduction of this new app. Yatri is going to be launched at the Churchgate station. With the help of this app, train passengers will be able to track the local trains and get to know their accurate location. Now isn’t this interesting? Getting to know the real-time location of any train will be very helpful for the passengers to catch the train.

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Yatri app will work using state of the art GPS system. This system is surely going to be beneficial to make the train journey a bit easier for commuters.

What Does This App Have To Offer?

Not just giving information about a train’s real-time location, but Yatri also has more features that will help the passengers to plan their train journeys accordingly. Here are all the details of this application.

  • With the present location, this app also shows the location on a map. Passengers can see a symbol of a train moving ahead to its destination.
  • Commuters can use Yatri to check different trains.
  • One can check the location of any train.
  • Yatri works quite fast and gives you updates in about just 15 seconds, according to a report by Mumbai Live.
  • There is also a map that can be helpful to identify other stations.

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This application is certainly going to be a major help for passengers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons