We’ve Found Paradise For Wine Lovers At Grover Zampa In Nashik


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    Behold wine lovers, Grover Zampa in Nashik has a perfect weekend planned for you. Know all about wine making & tasting at this vineyard all in a day’s trip, just 3 hours away from Mumbai.

    What Is It?

    Preparing over 20 varieties of wine, Grover Zampa in Nashik is spread across 33 acres. With the scent of freshly prepared wine all around, you can find out everything about the process of wine making, from fermentation to filtering, storing and bottling.

    Grover Zampa

    Grover Zampa, Nashik

    Each wine has a specific method of preparation and you can indulge in this awesome experience of wine making & tasting at Grover Zampa.

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    Grover Zampa

    The CEO, Sumedh Singh Mandla shows us around this beautiful property

    What Are You In For? 

    Wines at Grover Zampa are created with utmost passion and love for wine making. Each wine is especially prepared using different kinds of grapes that come from different lands. First, the cleaning of the grapes and removal of unwanted grapes takes place. Next, the grapes are crushed in a manner which retains their fresh scent and flavor. Then, the aroma of vanilla, spice or smoky scents are added.  

    What Else?

    They have a collection of red and white wines, each one of them having a unique taste. A day trip here for a tour and taste will cost you ₹650, which is pretty decent considering the amount of wine you can sip on.

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    Grover Zampa


    So swirl, smell and sip on some of the finest wine in the country!


    Address: Gat No.967 / 1026, At Post Sanjegaon, Taluka Igatpuri, Nashik – 4224
    Contact: +91 9272 232 358
    Price: ₹650 for a day trip

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